Alxya Releases Visualizer For “Praying”

DMV-bred, Paris-based artist Alxya has shared a new offering called “praying“. Her latest single takes listeners deep into the crooner’s lonely mind with somber, atmospheric sonics. The D.C. native effectively induces a feeling of emptiness with reverb-drenched guitars and an eerie synths which forces the listener to slow down, sit back and self-reflect. The song continues her run of darkly immersive R&B cuts, following up her singles “Vertigo” and “sober boi”.

“Praying“‘s haunting guitar riffs create an expansive, melancholic backdrop for Alxya’s darkly silky vocals, underscored by crisp percussion and rich bass. Her vocals build dynamically with sleek melodies that are memorable throughout. Her songwriting toys with the fine line between reality and delusion on “praying”, as she seems to battle between withdrawal and desire, as well as love and solitude. In her verses she discusses escapism, intoxication, and edging towards madness. She juxtaposes her wordplay referencing luxury fashion and a flashy lifestyle with her desire to go hidden and unnoticed.
The latest from Alxya, “praying” blends lush, luxuriant sounds and imagery with a lingering feeling of existential dread for a refreshing mixture that intrigues and mesmerizes.

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