1 Out Of 100: This Is The Winner Of Netflix’s Hottest Survival Competition “Physical: 100”

1 Out Of 100: This Is The Winner Of Netflix’s Hottest Survival Competition “Physical: 100”

The finale of Netflix‘s Physical: 100 is here!


At the ninth episode, the 100 contestants dwindled down to the last five. Olympic luge athlete Park Jin Yong, ice climber and mountain rescuer Kim Ming Cheol, and strongman Jo Jin Hyeong failed to make it to the end.

The two finalists were none other than cyclist Park Hae Min and CrossFitter Woo Jin Yong. They both had the chance to take home the cash prize of ₩300 million KRW (around $240,000 USD). The last game, being the first to unravel a bundle of rope, determined the winner.

It was such an intense challenge that the eliminated contestants watching them in real time called it “really brutal.” Though seemingly simple, it required an extreme mix of strength, speed, and endurance.

Hae Min eventually could not bare to continue. He said regretfully, “I wanted to use my body weight to pull but I couldn’t grip it. I just needed to take one more step and I couldn’t take that step and I do feel bad about that. But I definitely did my best.”

In the end, CrossFitter Woo Jin Yong finished the challenge first and was declared the winner of Physical: 100!

Netflix’s quest to “find the perfect physique” was finally over. After nine episodes, his stone bust was the only one remaining. Jin Yong, a Christian, first expressed his gratitude to God in his winning speech. He also did not forget to mention his beloved parents and his fellow contestants.

I wanna say glory and thanks to God. I also want to thank my parents for supporting me for over 30 years. And to those who let me compete with them until this point, to the other 99 contestants, thank you.

— Woo Jin Yong


Woo Jin Yong is a multi-talented athlete. CrossFit and snowboarding are his two main passions, being a representative of JD CrossFit and CrossFit NAMSAN as well as a former coach of South Korea’s National Snowboarding Team.

Woo Jin Yon | @jdsbx/Instagram
| @jdsbx/Instagram

Congratulations, Woo Jin Yong!


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