Costa Rican Gothic Rock Act Ariel Maniki and the Black Halos Debut Video for “Supernova”

Costa Rican trio Ariel Maniki and the Black Halos announce the unveiling of  ‘Supernova,’  the lead video and single from their forthcoming album FRACTALS (due for CD and digital release in late March 2023).

The concept of the song is simple: it is a hymn to the psychedelic state, the spectrum of human sexuality, and the open channeling of our bodies. Maniki explains further: “‘Supernova’ is simply about experiencing a strongly altered state of mind and body in our quest to fill our lives with beauty and pleasure. It was inspired partly by a real-life experience, and partly by a conversation with someone.” 

The video illustrates the song exists in a world of darkness, with frenetic flashes of light illuminating various images: psilocybin mushrooms, the band, flashing visions of light and smoke, and fleeting images of physical intimacy between lovers. It replicates the experience of a psychedelic trip while also celebrating its offerings to mankind.

Watch below (please note there is a seizure warning from the strobes):

FRACTALS is the first album from Ariel Maniki and the Black Halos to be performed entirely by the core trio of Ariel, Jan, and Eva, without any outside collaborators. Backing vocals are instead performed by bassist Eva Red (Red Apple Cvlt), adding silky harmonies to several tracks. The Black Halos’ sound has been evolving from its initial goth influences. Maniki’s heavy guitars are instead used sparingly with this album, often taking a backseat to the atmospheric darkwave synths of Janice Black, driving melodic bass of Eva Red, and Ariel’s brooding baritone vocals. 

FRACTALS is a collection of very different extremities of ideas and feelings: consciously digging in for an exploration of different possibilities within one’s being; trying really hard to find something of actual value and meaning in the human existence. In mine at least,” he says.

FRACTALS will be the band’s sixth full-length studio album, and was very nearly their last, as it was created during a challenging time for Maniki.

“Regardless of what the songs are about, the album was ultimately created under a prevailing sense of hopelessness and despair,” he explains. “Those were the catalysts and tools in the quest to find and define the album sound…At some point I very seriously thought of it as a farewell note, even the initial working title was “swan-song” to signal the death of the Black Halos. This gladly changed at some point. And I think (and hope) I’ve been able to move past that point, and this album is what is left of it.”

FRACTALS will be released in late March 2023, both digitally on Bandcamp, Spotify, and all major streaming platforms; and on CD from Deepland Records. Pre-orders are available now on their Bandcamp below.

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