Caine features Cleveland, Ohio legend Krayzie Bone on new single “Moved On”

Caine features Cleveland, Ohio legend Krayzie Bone on new single “Moved On”


Caine releases the lead single “Moved On” from his upcoming album, “My Thoughts,” alongside Bone Thugs N Harmony’s Krayzie Bone.

Born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio, Jamaal Flowers, is now widely known as the rapper by the name of Caine. His name rose to celebrity status due to the emotional expressions that influenced his music. Caine has become an artist that connects to fans beyond a superficial level. His music uses life experiences to weave lyrics into fluent melodies that resonate with his audience. His songs are lyrical therapy sessions that exude passion, one that connects with fans who sees themselves within his lyrics. Caine holds an extraordinary talent with words, able to paint a picture so vivid that his songs are like movie reels depicting every vision that inspired the track.

Authenticity is his motto, and every release stands on it. Not only is his cadence on the beat phenomenal, but his stage energy and versatility has amassed a following continually expanding internationally. Caine’s discography is filled with heavy hitters, from his underground mixtape “No Handz,” to his Ohio Hip Hop Award Winning 2015 EP debut, “Addiction,” his 2019 release “Step 1,” and notable collaborations with Krayzie Bone, Layzie Bone, Trae the Truth, Dog Pound, Three 6 Mafia, and Bun B. Caine has also toured the US and Europe alongside hip hop supergroup Bone Thugs-N-Harmony and the late DMX.

On August 9th, 2021, Caine debuted the visual for his new Eugene on da Sound produced single, “Moved On” featuring Krayzie Bone. The up-tempo composition is a perfect example of why Caine has risen to the status and success that he has in the industry. His voice delivers every bar with pinpoint precision as he rides the beat like a veteran musical surfer. “Moved On” is a street anthem that motivates and encourages upward development after enduring through the struggles of life. The track is an expression of ambition, positivity, and unshakable will. It inspires audiences through their downs, leading to change towards a better future whether Business, Friendships, Relationships, or life in entirety. “Moved On” is a celebration of liberation with equally beautiful and creative visuals as Caine and Krayzie Bone make a masterpiece out of the track. The hit single is off his upcoming album, “My Thoughts.” The project will bring fans into Caine’s perspective of the world through the pandemic, social injustices, and events currently plaguing society.

Caine deserves every accolade from his new single and upcoming album. Fans certainly agree, showing their support and love for the rapper by repping his merch and even tattooing his name and lyrics about their body. Follow the Bone Thugs N Harmony protégé, and stream his new single “Moved On” featuring Krayzie Bone.

“Moved On” ft Krayzie Bone:

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Twitter: Caine216


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