Run It Up Rikko is this generation’s next icon in the making

Run It Up Rikko

From Tupac, to Eminem, to Nicki Minaj and Drake, there comes artists that are so rare in creativity they attain unparalleled success. Run It Up Rikko has that level of potential.

The 20-year-old Dallas Texas native, Run It Up Rikko aka Rikko, burst into the music world with something that the majority of artists lack, heart. From the moment the beat begins resonating in your ear, you’re instantly immersed into a feeling of connection to the artist. By the time Run It Up Rikko begins rapping melodies pouring his emotion, you’re already in love with the sound and style that continues to replay in your mind. Run It Up Rikko has found a lane of music untapped by the repetitive sound of the current industry. He channels his experiences and emotions into heartfelt sounds that draw you into his mind while still hyping up your body to rock and your voice to sing along.

His wave is washing away the clutter that has been keeping fans from real music, his music. It takes a certain level of creative skill to keep emotions intact in a track while rapping about the street life and applying pressure on the opposition. Run It Up Rikko will have you in your feelings while at the same time rapping about beating down the block. Ultimately, his music paints an image of determination, perseverance, and inspiration. Run It Up Rikko sees himself as “the sad kid,” but in dealing with his pain, he uses his music as an outlet to encourage listeners to never quit on themselves or their goals.

Run It Up Rikko has been creating music since 2019, but within the last week he has released his talent to the world in the form of two songs, “Sooner,” and “John Legend.” The tracks both come with accompanying visuals and have already amassed over 10,000 streams across all streaming platform releases. “Sooner” is a cinematic masterpiece starting with Run It Up Rikko banging behind someone testing his street credentials before painting a scene with his raps. “John Legend” is emotional as it is hardcore, detailing his unstable mental state dealing with the reality of the trauma he’s endured, while raising to success and being solid in the streets.

Run It Up Rikko is going to run the game, no doubt about it. He’s worth checking out and supporting.

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