Presley Duyck – “Cold Together” is another victorious release from the singer-songwriter!

Presley Duyck – “Cold Together” is another victorious release from the singer-songwriter!

Presley Duyck isn’t exactly what she seems. If you came across the stunning singer-songwriter anywhere on the internet, you’ll be praising her beauty and expecting her songs to be cookie-cut pop. Instead Presley is a student of her art. Across her previous singles “Juliet”, “Passenger Seat”, and “Happy 22!”, Presley employs exquisite vocal delivery, high-end production, and lyrics that are aware of their drama in the face of the tribulations that come with it. As a songwriter, Presley Duyck has a clear vision for her sound and she strives to figure out how to best bring that vision to fruition.

Presley Duyck’s voice is both familiar and unique. She clearly has vocal talent, and she interprets the songs she writes with a focus on expressive nuances and delicate deliveries as well as big belting moments. Presley isn’t just interested in writing about love and romance, she’s particularly invested in exploring and reveling in the drama of life’s events. Her latest single “Cold Together” is a prime example of this. Presley wrote the song while trying to support a friend who was battling addiction.

Presley Duyck

Though her friend dissuaded Presley Duyck from caring, she knew how important it is for people to step outside of their comfort zones and share time, love and support for those humans who are suffering any kind of affliction, regardless of what it is. Fate would have it that Presley would later lose a very dear, and different friend, to suicide, which actually caused her to delay the release of the single “Cold Together”. In fact, she was in doubt of whether to release the song at all.

Presley has since decided to release the song, and to offer a portion of profits of this song to To Write Love On Her Arms – an organization that offers scholarship for addiction recovery programs as well as mental health resources to battle the current epidemic of suicide. In the midst of this, none of “Cold Together” feels like melodrama because the emotions are so intense and raw. It seeks to exist in that pocket, and it thrives there.

“Cold Together” balances a strumming acoustic guitar line against a vocal melody that builds into a crescendo complete with steady drums and resonating piano chords. “I’m not going anywhere. Though it might be in my best interest not to care. Here I am. Holding out my hand. Don’t you try to hide. You’re not a monster. I see deep down inside. And its cold here in the dark, all alone. So, let’s be cold together,” sings Presley Duyck. Her sincerity sprouting from every pore.

“Cold Together” is evidence that Presley Duyck can exist and excel in any mainstream pop lane. All she needs to do is to continue to develop and hone that sound. There’s an incredible amount of potential here. The culmination of hard work where Presley has refined her writing and voice, to complete a lovingly crafted project. Presley’s versatile vocals easily go from dreamily resonant to emphatically soaring.

There are a lot of emotions being processed in “Cold Together”, and such transparency proves one of the record’s fundamental strengths. The song is another victorious release from a singer-songwriter whose determination and passion keeps driving her forward. Presley Duyck will be compared to others, but she should be assured that she stands out with her own vision and vibe that’s completely different from her peers.


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