The Full Lineup of “Road to Kingdom 2” is Revealed

The Full Lineup of “Road to Kingdom 2” is Revealed

The casting lineup for Mnet’s Road to Kingdom season’s two has been revealed.

On the 10th, Mnet confirmed that a total of 7 teams THE NEW SIX, The Crew One (ATBO·JUST B), 8TURN, ONEUS, YOUNITE, CRAVITY, and TEMPEST will appear in the new season of ‘Road to Kingdom’, which will be aired this September.

The expected point to keep an eye on this season is the casting lineup with infinite growth potential. CRAVITY, which established a team color with a unique youth identity, was named to the lineup. At the beginning of their debut, they received the spotlight as MONSTA X little brother group.

ONEUS, who appeared in the first season of ‘Road to Kingdom’ in 2020 and proved their potential for growth. ONEUS is a group that has earned the title of ‘4th generation representative performer’ by providing stable live performances despite energetic group dance. In particular, expectations are heightened by the news that the re-challenge of ‘Road to Kingdom’ was achieved through the members’ will.

THE NEW SIX, which was formed through a broadcasting company’s survival audition program and garnered attention since its debut as the first boy group produced by singer PSY, and YOUNITE, which has established itself as a versatile and talented boy group by performing various genres from hip-hop to R&B and TEMPEST, who debuted by winning various rookie awards and established themselves as a popular rookie, expanding their scope to the global stage and gradually growing their presence, will also appear.

Another group named in the lineup is 8TURN, which is emerging as an ‘all-rounder artist’ based on its solid fundamentals and the diverse charms of its 8 members, also attracting attention. The addition of The CrewOne, which recently announced the formation of a project group, is also a point that adds to expectations. The CrewOne is a project group formed by ATBO and JUST B to create new synergy, and attention is being paid to whether those who are in the same boat will be able to unleash their potential in ‘Road to Kingdom’.

Meanwhile, Mnet is rebranding ‘Road to Kingdom’ and launching it with a new structure. Unlike the previous work, which was more of a prequalification program to gain the right to participate in the sequel, ‘Kingdom’, this time, ‘Road to Kingdom’ was launched as part of the unique ‘K-Pop Boy Group Rising Project’ that once again sheds light on boy groups with sufficient skills and potential. The plan is to make ‘ a standalone brand. First broadcast this September. It was previously announced that the program will be hosted by the highly esteemed artist Lee Taemin. 

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