Steve Harvey Raised Some Eyebrows By Asking Megan Thee Stallion About Feet On ‘Celebrity Family Feud’

Steve Harvey Raised Some Eyebrows By Asking Megan Thee Stallion About Feet On ‘Celebrity Family Feud’


Megan Thee Stallion popped up on Celebrity Family Feud last night (July 9), but one of the questions rubbed some people the wrong way.

On the show, host Steve Harvey instructed, “Name something you’ve done to your mate’s feet.” Megan buzzed in and answered, “Massage,” and “rubbed ’em” was the No. 1 answer.

They really asked Megan Thee Stallion a question about FEET on Celebrity Family Feud..

Producers must’ve known she was allegedly shot in the foot by Tory Lanez..

— DramaAlert (@DramaAlert) July 10, 2024

Of course, for many Meg fans, this had them thinking about her famously getting shot in the foot by Tory Lanez. While the question was more than likely innocent and the product of the show’s staff not making that same connection, it still drew some criticism online.

In the comments section of The Neighborhood Talk’s Instagram post about it, one user wrote, “Now they know they should’ve omitted that feet question.” Another said, “That feet question could’ve been very triggering but big ups to Meg for letting it fly.” Somebody else wrote, “i’m glad i’m not the only that thought this question was messy when i watched the episode tonight.”

Over on X (formerly Twitter), a user wrote, “Naaa Steve Harvey put that question in for freaky reason.” That seems to be the most likely story here: Family Feud frequently asks questions in hopes of eliciting provocative responses from contestants, and that’s probably what they were going for here, even if they could have been more careful in this particular instance.

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