Mythomania — Darkwavers Dead Cool Lambast the Pathology of the Digital Age With “Your Lies”

Mythomania — Darkwavers Dead Cool Lambast the Pathology of the Digital Age With “Your Lies”

Your claims of fame are not real life
Twisting words of a twisted mind, with your lies
Don’t tell me your lies.

Clout chasing, the quest for influence and fame by any means necessary, reeks of dishonesty and emptiness. Folks put on a mask of success, peddling a picture that rarely matches the truth. Real accomplishments and personal joy are traded for fleeting recognition and hollow applause.

This deceit shows up in tall tales, exaggerated lives on social media, and trend-hopping for attention. It’s a vicious cycle, constantly demanding new tricks to stay relevant, eroding integrity and authenticity. Connections become mere transactions, more about gains than genuine bonds. The emptiness is stark. With validation hinging on others’ approval, they’re left anxious and unfulfilled, always fearing exposure. This shallow existence chokes personal growth and happiness, leading to a life built on sand, devoid of real achievements or heartfelt connections.

Nothing escapes Dead Cool. The Wilmington, North Carolina band’s latest single, Your Lies, takes aim at the ceaseless pursuit of shallow fame, where folks barter their souls for a handful of follows on social media.

Inspired by the brooding depths of icy coldwave and the charged beats of Depeche Mode, Berlin, Suicide, and The Human League, Your Lies tips its hat to darkwave greats with its stripped-down yet hypnotic delivery…all the while throwing a sly jab at the most blatant offenders.

Watch the video for “Your Lies” below:

Dead Cool’s namesake, drawn from a Chrome Cranks number, resonates with the unique chemistry of Johnny’s multifaceted vocal, synthesizer, and guitar prowess, coupled with Angela’s bass rhythms and harmonizing vocals. Infused with the evocative notes of darkwave, post-punk, and synthpop, Dead Cool’s musical offerings, established since 2020, have been garnering an enthusiastic following both domestically and internationally.

On American soil, their presence has been notably felt with appearances at notable events like Absolution Fest in Tampa and Dark Castle Fest in Louisville, as well as London’s Slimelight and Bergamo, Italy’s Midnight Club. Dead Cool has graced the same stages as notable names like Bootblacks, ACTORS, Astari Nite, Korine, Vision Video, and Xeno & Oaklander. 

Listen to Your Lies below and order here.

Your Lies by DEAD COOL

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