Jerm LO’s Return Means Bright Future for Hip Hop

Jerm LO’s Return Means Bright Future for Hip Hop

Coming off a hiatus from music, Jerm LO returns with a dedicated grind and new releases that give credit to his talent.

Within Harlem New York is the rising star known as Nelson Polanco aka Jerm LO. Raised among environments that saw the hardships many endure in the streets to make a better way of living, Jerm LO wasn’t alienated from the effects of rough days and cold nights. Even then, his character remained unwavering, and his attitude was humble, plotting his success in his solitude.

Music took on a huge role in his life, gravitating to hip hop through the catalogs of rap veterans like Meek Mill, Lil Wayne, and Jay-Z. Jerm LO was drawn to the passion leaking through every bar and the way they were able to make the listener feel and envision every emotion and story of their life. With practice, he realized he held a similar trait and began manifesting his career from the ground up. Unfortunately, life happened, and Jerm LO stepped away from the musical path while gathering himself and rebuilding his name and brand.

Fans waited and showed support even while he was gone, but that wait is over and Jerm LO has been back with nonstop heat. At the start of the new year, audiences got the banger, “ALL STAR,” which preceded his latest single, “Back On My Feet.” Jerm LO made his return official, leaking talent with the melodic rap delivery that shows the culmination of his time away from the rap game. “Back On My Feet” is Jerm LO’s way of telling hip hop his life is in a place of stability and his mindset is fueled by ambitions of greatness.

Jerm LO is an independent artist putting in the work to achieve his dreams. He is his own team, but his work ethic is chiseling away the path that will surely lead to his success. Support his journey and stream his latest single, “Back On My Feet.”

Instagram: @Jerm.Lo_

“Back On My Feet”:


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