Social Media Eviscerates Rob Schneider For Coming After Will Smith

Social Media Eviscerates Rob Schneider For Coming After Will Smith

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Welp, apparently, Stephen A. Smith isn’t the only one who is still salty about Will Smith slapping Chris Rock and having the audacity to still be enjoying a successful acting career two years later.

Actor Rob Schneider is also really upset about Smith and his return to Hollywood glory, which came with his massively successful latest addition to the Bad Boys franchise with Martin Lawrence. Schneider—who is best known for being the guy literally no one would know if Adam Sandler hadn’t kept putting him in movies—recently made an appearance  on the Kyle & Jackie O morning show where he had some choice words for the Fresh Prince, who was probably somewhere minding his own business, or joining much of the rest of the world in asking, “Who TF is Rob Schneider?” 

Actor Rob Schneider calls Will Smith a liar, fraud, and douchebag for slapping Chris Rock at the Oscars.

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— The Art Of Dialogue (@ArtOfDialogue_) June 12, 2024

“Will Smith is a twat,” Schneider said. “Will Smith has been hiding the fact of who he really is and it was exposed that night — that he’s really an a*shole.” (Side note: For those who were wondering, “twat” is one of those words Black people don’t really get offended by because only white people use the term. See also the C-word. These are just words we don’t say or come across often, which makes them pretty corny. Maye this is why they’d rather just call us the N-word.)

“Will is a douchebag,” Schneider went on to say. (Also, “douchebag.” That’s another one we just don’t use.) “The thing is, that’s how politically correct that Academy is, that they were so cowardly — because if I would’ve done that, they would’ve hauled me out to prison. They were so worried about being racist, they were like, ‘We can’t be.’”

“It’s violence, is what it is,” he continued. “The color of your skin, or your religion, doesn’t matter — if you commit a crime in front of other people, you get hauled out of there.”

Apparently, the Deuce Bigalow actor (oh yeah—he was in that movie) is another aggrieved and delusional white man who thinks being Black is an advantage for people accused of violence. This shouldn’t be a surprise considering Schneider is an anti-woke conservative who likely has a larger issue with a Black actor slapping another Black actor and bouncing back from it than he does a demonstrably bigoted presidential candidate who is looking for a second term after he caused a riot at the U.S. Capitol after trying to cancel democracy through provably false voter fraud propaganda. 

It’s unclear what kind of response Schneider was hoping for by force-feeding us his opinion on Will Smith, but all he succeeded in doing was getting the whole internet to tell him he’s a talentless has-been who is jealous of Will because he’s never been anywhere near the vicinity of his relevance and would have never been relevant at all if Sandler hadn’t carried him on his back for his entire career.

Let’s take a look at some of these brutal reactions on X:


Will Smith could slap 50 babies and still be more beloved than Rob Schneider.

— Pugmane (@pugmane) June 12, 2024


they are UPSET that Will Smith is still being supported.

He’s jealous of him.

Will is LOVED and Rob is not. He will never experience that type of love and support in his lifetime.

He wants to punish him .

— Red Blooded Son Of The South: Brock Lee Florets (@BrockLeeFlorets) June 12, 2024


Dear Rob Schneider,

At this point, the only thing Will Smith needs to continue apologizing for is the 1999 film, “Wild Wild West”-that movie sucked balls of maggot infested rice bits but despite that, Will seems to be able to land great roles without the help of Adam Sandler.

— Meredith (@meralee727) June 12, 2024


Somebody go check on Stephen A. Smith and Rob Schneider.

— Will Smith Slapped Me (@AshleyShyMiller) June 15, 2024


I don’t know why but after listening to Rob Schneider said what he had to say about Will Smith I hope Will slaps the shit out of him too. Fuck you and Chris Rock, geek.

— Fontane (@Richivno) June 13, 2024


I’d rather be slapped by Will Smith than have to sit through a Rob Schneider movie.

— Kilgore Trout (@CohibaSmkr) June 12, 2024


Sounds like Rob Schneider is making fun of Will Smith because he’s a racist and jealous that Will Smith has a more accomplished career than he ever will?

— David Leavitt (@David_Leavitt) June 12, 2024


Rob Schneider is a low talent, low ratings, irrelevant hack who hasn’t drawn a goddamn dime since he played a gigolo in a trash ass, pathetic comedy, and box office bomb.

Will Smith has had more elite and five star movies than you ever will, f***ing loser.

— Jay McGill Says End White Privilege and Nepotism!! (@Jay_McGill94) June 12, 2024


Rob Schneider is the actual liar, fraud & asshole that he proclaimed Will Smith to be!

— Own Your Masters (@ThaArchitect) June 14, 2024


It’s funny how Rob Schneider is saying Will Smith is an asshole. Guy Torry said the same thing about Rob after working with him. Rob was rude as hell when I met him also. So fuck Rob Scheider.

— DJ Vlad (@djvlad) June 13, 2024


Rob Schneider is a typical no talent wart that latched on to his actually-talented friends and assumed that made him less of a loser bc of it.

Will Smith has three times the skill and achievement

And we’d all slap Rob too if we didn’t think we’d get hepatitis from touching him

— Rae The Writer (@WriteAsRae) June 12, 2024


Rob Schneider is BIGMAD because he knows Will Smith will never face the prison term he thinks Will should have because Will has proven he can still put butts in the seats and make Hollywood a lot of money.

TBH Will probably gained MORE fans for slapping Chris Rock:

— Veronica McDonald (@Purify_toast17) June 12, 2024


No one gives a flying fuck what Rob Schneider thinks about Will Smith.
Will Smith doesn’t have a hard time finding work, unlike Rob Schneider who relies on Adam Sandler for work.

— Liberal Lisa in Oklahoma (@lisa_liberal) June 12, 2024


So now Rob Schneider is clout chasing off of Will Smith? Trying to get his 20 years of not being relevant, to relevant again? He sounds jealous of Will. The clears hate that Will is still winning.

— Here For THEE Comments 1 (@forthecomments1) June 12, 2024

Yeah, Schneider should have just sat there and ate his food. Like—who even are you, bro?

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