Horror studio Blumhouse announces six new video game projects

Horror studio Blumhouse announces six new video game projects

Horror studio Blumhouse, famous for Paranormal ActivityThe Purge, and Whiplash, has announced that it is stepping into the world of video games with six new indie titles.

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The creators of Immortality will be working on Project C. There’s also a Stardew Valleyesque farming sim where one of the townsfolk is a serial killer, Grave Seasons. Fear The Spotlight is a game made by a husband and wife about two teenage girls and a seance gone wrong.

Then there’s Crisol: Theater Of Idols, a game where you’ll fight possessed statues in Spain. There’s also Sleep Awake, a first-person psychedelic game where people disappear in their sleep, so everyone is trying to stay away. And, finally, The Simulation, a meta murder mystery and a game within a game.

Some of the Blumhouse Games team spoke with The Guardian to explain how they’d be running their new venture. “It’s a pretty conservative business model,” said Blumhouse Games president Zach Wood

“We don’t need everything to be a hit. Everybody can make money at a moderate success level, and that’s really important for us, especially given market conditions. We want to make a profit for everybody that we work with. It’s important that our development partners have a sustainable business, and can continue making games.”

Creative lead Lousie Blain added: “We were looking for an innovative approach to horror, something we haven’t seen before There’s no prerequisite, we’re just taking what’s interesting.

“I’ve been a big lover of Blumhouse for a very long time, and so many of my favourite Blumhouse movies come from limitations – something like Paranormal Activity, smaller projects that were doing cool things. And when you transfer that over to games, it means taking different approaches to scary stories.”

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