Nauti Siren Makes a Splash with the Caribbean-Synth Beats of “Mermaid of the Year”

Nauti Siren Makes a Splash with the Caribbean-Synth Beats of “Mermaid of the Year”

In the night when I ride out

I’ve been carried way out to sea

I’ve been trapped like a unicorn

Ahoy there, Nereids!  Nauti Siren has just dropped anchor — with their delightful debut single, Mermaid of the Year. The new duo spins a yarn about a harrowing, late-night escapade with a riptide that whisked frontwoman Jessie Evans (Subtonix, The Vanishing) into the ocean—a story that’s now immortalized in the track’s undulating beat, shimmering synths, and whirling rhythm.  cheekily dips a toe into the ’70s with an electronic twist that’s anything but dated. Elements of disco, new jazz, calypso, reggae, and electronic dub into a hypnotic dance floor jam about a brush with Poseidon.

The song is paired with a vivid, kitschy DIY video sprinkled with nautical nods. It’s a visual feast, playful and surreal, much like a dream concocted by a seaside carnival. In it, we meet a mermaid with a flair for the dramatic and a penchant for environmentalism. With the confidence of someone who’s faced down the scariest of sea monsters, she revels in her underwater sovereignty, darting through the depths with an effortless grace that would make any human swimmer green with envy, or at the very least algae.

Our aquatic heroine embraces her oceanic roots, winning the admiration of all sea creatures and even a few puzzled beachgoers. Her beach isn’t just a stretch of sand; it’s a haven of joy, a sanctuary where she frolics in the waves, picks up trash with the enthusiasm of someone finding buried treasure, and basks in the sun with her daughters, living life one carefree splash at a time.

The ocean and beach are her domains, brimming with happiness and triumph. She glides through the water, a mermaid on a mission, leaving a trail of bubbles and a hint of mischief in her wake. With a flick of her tail and a twinkle in her eye, she invites us all to join her in this sun-soaked paradise, where the seashells sing, the waves whisper secrets, and even the most mundane tasks, like tidying up the beach, are transformed into grand adventures.

So, if you ever find yourself by the shore, keep an eye out for our mermaid friend. You might spot her at the water’s edge, orchestrating a sandcastle competition, or perhaps leading an impromptu beach clean-up with the grace and authority only a true oceanic queen can muster. And if you’re lucky, she might just invite you to dive into her world.

Watch the video below:

DJ Dmitry is a figure who strides confidently through the annals of music history, a name that resonates with the echoes of New York’s iconic Pyramid Club. As a co-leader of the transformative dance, fashion, and art collective Deee-Lite, Dmitry infused a vintage flair with funk, ushering these elements into the digital age with a radical understanding. His collaborations span a wide spectrum, from Chaka Khan and Julie Cruise to Sinead O’Connor, each project a testament to his eclectic genius. In his latest venture, Nauti Siren, Dmitry transcends the bounds of the “World Clique,” venturing into what he dubs an “Inter-dimensional Clique,” pushing the dance floor into uncharted territories of shape, space, and time.

Jessie Evans emerged as a luminary in the 2000s San Francisco post-punk scene, her talents too immense to be contained by its confines. Cutting her teeth with Subtonix and The Vanishing, she soon sought new horizons across Europe and South America. As a solo artist, she collaborated with legends like Toby Dammit, Steve Mackay of Iggy and the Stooges, and Budgie of Siouxsie and the Banshees. Her music evolved into a distinctive blend of world rhythms, disco, jazz, reggae, and rocksteady, all tinged with an esoteric spirituality. Jessie’s life continues to expand, from a local San Francisco art hero to a global solo artist, and now embracing her roles as wife and mother. Her sound is a confluence of the experimental and the precise, daring yet always in command, embodying a cool sense of control that defines her unique artistic fingerprint.

As Nauti Siren embarks on their musical voyage, they’ll be making waves soon at – where else? The famed Coney Island Mermaid Parade, the most fitting of debuts. So, anchor’s aweigh for this catch of the day.

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