Into the Darkness — Ukrainian Deathrockers Old Cat’s Drama Debut New Single “U Pitmu”

Look, this aurora is burning out

Look, it’s a new dimension

A vortex in the whirlpool of hopes

An abyss of darkness, an abyss of existence

Old Cat’s Drama, a deathrock / gothic rock trio from Kyiv, has released a new single titled U Pitmu (Into The Darkness). This is the band’s second single since Russia invaded Ukraine, and true to form, the band offers some scathing political commentary in its words.

U Pitmu, inspired by the grit of 2000s deathrock and the raw edge of 2010s dark punk, hurls itself into the fray with riffs that echo the footsteps of a traveler on a one-way path into the unknown.

The lyrics unfold a descent into darkness, both tangible and abstract. A burning aurora lights the way to an abyss, a stark mirror to the chaos and destruction engulfing Ukraine. The speaker’s plunge into this void is driven by unsettling premonitions and a yearning for oblivion, mirroring the profound despair and anxiety that grip those caught in the throes of conflict.

Amidst this bleak landscape, voices falter, and a piercing light carves through the gloom, hinting at a fierce struggle for survival and a fragile glimmer of hope for peace. U Pitmu takes us on a harrowing ride through fear, regret, and the search for solace. It captures the essence of inner turmoil and the wait for a dawn that promises both terror and a strange sense of release.

In the end, U Pitmu challenges us to ponder the worth of paradise itself, laying bare the intricate dance of struggle and existence. The song stands as a testament to the complex emotions born from conflict, pulling listeners into a world where hope and despair are inextricably linked.

Listen to U Pitmu below

Since their inception as a duo in 2011, Old Cat’s Drama has etched out a distinctive place in the traditional goth music scene, becoming something of a semi-cult phenomenon within their hometown. Their body of work, highlighted by the EP Pretty Things and the album Come And See, has firmly established them as a noteworthy force in the genre.

The band’s creative soul is embodied by its founding members. Herold E.’s eerie vocals and poignant lyrics set the tone for their sound, while Divuar L.’s music composition and evocative guitar work create a haunting backdrop. In 2019, a significant shift occurred with the arrival of Oleksii Sup, formerly of the band Quadrille (Кадриль). His presence injected new life and vision into Old Cat’s Drama, adding depth and vigor to their already distinctive style.

Together, this trio pens music that resonates with the melancholy and introspection inherent to goth, exploring the shadows of existence with vivid pictures of longing and despair, hope and desolation.

Listen to U Pitmu here via your choice of streaming service.

U pitmu by Old Cat’s Drama

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