Are Donald Glover & Maya Erskine Coming Back For ‘Mr. & Mrs. Smith’ Season 2 Or Not?

Donald Glover and Francesca Sloane’s Mr. & Mrs. Smith concluded its first season by leaving viewers wondering who died and who lived. Their pension for mystery is not limited to the Amazon Prime Video series adaptation’s first eight episodes, however.

Are Donald Glover & Maya Erskine Coming Back For Mr. & Mrs. Smith Season 2 Or Not?

On May 14, Variety reported that Mr. & Mrs. Smith had been renewed for a second season at Amazon Prime Video, but “sources say that Season 1 stars Donald Glover and Maya Erskine are not expected to return to star in Season 2. Glover is still credited as a co-creator and executive producer on the series alongside Francesca Sloane, who will return as showrunner.”

Pretty straightforward. But then, Glover and Erskine appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! this week, and we’re back to not knowing what’s going on with this show. Kimmel asked Glover and Erskine about the Variety report, and Erskine shrugged. “You know, I don’t know,” Glover said. “It’s like November 28, and the kids know there’s a Christmas present, and they’re like, ‘Mom, where’s the Christmas present?’” Kimmel interrupted Glover’s attempt to skirt the question, saying, “No, it’s not like that. It’s like it’s November 28, and the kids don’t know if Santa is even coming.”

Glover laughed and offered that, within the same metaphor, “you might ruin Christmas” if you tell the kids anything too early. Erskine added, “It’ll be more fun if you see the second season — you wanna wait!” Then, Glover concluded (sort of), “Who says we’re not in it? Maybe we are, maybe we aren’t.”

Additionally, Sloane addressed the Variety report on Entertainment Weekly’s The Awardist podcast last month.

“I was just talking to Donald last night about this, and we were laughing because one of the pieces of press said, ‘According to our sources,’ and we’re like, ‘Who are these sources?’ said the Mr. & Mrs. Smith showrunner, who also served as a supervising producer on Atlanta. “We wrote a cliffhanger, we thought about it long and hard. It was one of the first things that we wrote. Why in the world — we haven’t said anything — but why in the world would we ruin a cliffhanger based on a headline?”

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