Born Soul Releases Captivating New Single ‘Trailblaze’

Born Soul Releases Captivating New Single ‘Trailblaze’

Texas native Born Soul is poised to impress with his latest single ‘Trailblaze’, a powerful track that melds blunt, unapologetic bars with an old-school flair with brooding, ambient synths bubbling away underneath. Known for his raw lyricism, captivating soundscapes and ability to uplift through music, Born Soul’s new release promises to resonate just as deeply.

Born Soul further shares: “This record was recorded to inspire people, in general, to create their own path, blaze your own trail to what YOU feel success is…”

It’s rare to come across an artist who truly stands out from the crowd. Born Soul, a native of Austin, Texas, is one such artist who has created his own unique genre, aptly named “Coffee House Music.” With a sound that blends the best of hip hop and ambient vibes, Born Soul is poised to take the music industry by storm. Born Soul’s journey began during his college years when he and his classmate, Henry Jones III, formed a DJ tandem for local college parties. It was during this time that the duo realized their true calling: creating music for people to enjoy. This moment sparked the birth of Born Soul Productions, a venture that would see the artist through his early struggles and eventual success.

After graduating from college, Born Soul faced the challenge of finding a suitable recording studio that could capture his unique sound. Undeterred, he purchased his first beat machine and began creating basic drum tracks using samples, recording vocals with a tape recorder. A chance encounter with Harold Green, who would become the executive producer, led to the funding of Born Soul’s first album and the purchase of professional recording equipment.

Despite several years of struggling to get his music heard, Born Soul persevered. The untimely passing of Harold Green in 2021 marked a turning point for the artist and his partner, Henry Jones III. They formed the record label Musik Innovator Hip Hoffee House, LLC, and through hard work and research, they have set Born Soul’s music career on the right path.

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