Space Owl Blasts Off with “Skidoo”: A Blast from the Past with a Future-Proof Groove!

Space Owl Blasts Off with “Skidoo”: A Blast from the Past with a Future-Proof Groove!

Fasten your sonic seatbelts, music lovers, because Space Owl is taking flight with “Skidoo,” a previously unreleased gem that’s guaranteed to ignite your inner groove machine. This electrifying track, unearthed from the band’s vault, and released via Music Factory Records, isn’t just a trip down memory lane – it’s a potent reminder that great music is timeless. Moreover, the lyrics of “Skidoo” resonate with a message of resilience and determination, cutting through the noise of everyday struggles.

Led by the visionary Ari Joshua (guitar, vocals), Space Owl boasts a powerhouse lineup featuring Bob Lovelace (bass, vocals), John Ewing (drums, vocals) of Johnny and The Moles fame, and David Appelbaum on keyboards. Together, they conjure a sonic tapestry that seamlessly blends the pulsating rhythms of 60s funk and soul with the raw energy of American rock. Think Hendrix meets Phish with a healthy dose of The Allman Brothers Band and Led Zeppelin thrown in for good measure.

But Space Owl isn’t just about channeling classic influences. This track throbs with a distinctly original pulse. From the opening riff, a swaggering beast that wouldn’t be out of place in a Band of Gypsies jam, to the soaring vocals and intricate melodies, “Skidoo” is a testament to the enduring power of organic authenticity. Each note crackles with a raw, infectious energy that speaks to a time when musicianship wasn’t just a technical skill, but a form of artistic expression.

The mastermind behind Space Owl, Ari Joshua’s guitar work on “Skidoo” is nothing short of mesmerizing. His tricky riffs and soulful solos elevate the track, blending psychedelic rock with a hint of funk and blues. Ari’s ability to channel raw emotion through his guitar is a testament to his virtuosity, creating a sonic landscape that is both nostalgic and refreshingly original. His vocals add a gritty, authentic layer to the track, perfectly complementing the instrumentation.

Bob Lovelace’s bass lines on “Skidoo” are the heartbeat of the track. His exceptional skill and deep understanding of groove infuse the song with a pulsating energy. Bob’s bass playing is not just about keeping rhythm; it’s about adding a rich, melodic foundation that propels the music forward. His contributions are pivotal, providing a solid backbone while also offering intricate counterpoints to Ari’s guitar work. Lovelace’s vocals harmonize beautifully, adding depth and texture to the overall sound.

John Ewing’s drumming is the driving force behind “Skidoo.” His dynamic rhythms and impeccable timing bring a lively, infectious energy to the track. John’s ability to blend power with finesse is evident in every beat, creating a rhythmic tapestry that is both complex and accessible. His drumming not only supports the band but also adds its own voice, contributing to the song’s narrative. Ewing’s vocals are delivered with a raw, emotional intensity that resonates throughout the track.

David Appelbaum’s keyboard work on “Skidoo” adds an extra layer of sophistication and complexity to the track. His deft touch on the keys brings a richness and warmth that complements the other instruments perfectly. David’s ability to weave sophisticated melodies and harmonies into the fabric of the song showcases his exceptional musicianship. His contributions help to create a full, immersive sound that draws listeners into the band’s cosmic journey.

This isn’t just a re-release of a dusty old track. “Skidoo” has been lovingly restored, boasting a production that’s both crisp and warm, giving the song a timeless appeal. The mix is a masterclass in balance, allowing each instrument to shine without drowning out the others. Its evidence of the talents of engineer Johnathan Plum (London Bridge Studios), mixer Mel Detmer (Studio Soli), and mastering whiz Ed Brooks (RFI Mastering).

Space Owl isn’t new to the scene. Fans might already be familiar with the band’s previous releases, like the genre-bending masterpiece “Home,” the infectious pop-rock anthem “I Will Come To You,” and the poignant ballad “Why Does Love Always Break Your Heart” (a spiritual sequel to their earlier opus “Mountain Song”). They’ve even dabbled in the complex world of through-composed pieces with “Flask,” a track that wouldn’t feel out of place on a Frank Zappa record or an early Phish jam.

“Skidoo” is the latest chapter in Ari Joshua’s ongoing mission to release 24 original singles in 2024. It’s a testament to Joshua’s relentless creative spirit and a reminder that sometimes the best things in life come from revisiting the past. So, crank up the volume, let loose, and prepare to be transported to a world of sonic bliss by Space Owl’s infectious groove.

“Skidoo” is now available for streaming and download on all major platforms. Stay tuned for more captivating releases from Ari Joshua at as he continues his musical journey throughout 2024.



John Ewing with Johnny and The Moles

May 28 – Blue Moon Tavern – Seattle, WA

May 30 – SeaMonster Lounge – Seattle, WA

June 29 – Tim’s Tavern – Seattle, WA

Bob Lovelace

June 6 – Marmalade, USA

Jun 15 – Saint-prouant, France

Jun 16 – Chelles, France

Jun 18 – Ittre, Belgium

Jun 19 – Wasquehal, France

Jun 21 – Penmarc’h, France

Jun 22 – Savigny-le-temple, France

Jun 23 – Maxeville, France

Jun 25 – Saint-vulbas, France

Ari Joshua

May 22 – Seamonster Lounge – Seattle, Wa

The Suncatchers featuring Joe Doria & Ehssan Karimi


May 23 – Helping Friendly Podcast with RJ Bee and Hosts – Osiris

Ari Joshua Band

May 31 – Nectars – Burlington, VT

June 9 – TBD – New Tork, NY

June 29 – Harstine Hoopla Festival – Olympia, WA

Kris Yunker, Ari Joshua, Ben Atkind Trio dates

June 5 – Kris Yunker’s FUNK NIGHT – The Stone Church – Bratelboro, VT

June 7 – All’s Eye Trio – Art Walk – South Vermont

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