Seattle Darkwavers Miss Misery Make Their Debut with Hauntingly Romantic Single “Requiem”

Seattle Darkwavers Miss Misery Make Their Debut with Hauntingly Romantic Single “Requiem”

Out of the dark 

On a night of solemn love 

You came to me 

Healed my broken soul

A solid partner during a hard time is like finding an umbrella in a downpour—unexpectedly wonderful and just what you need. Their steadfast support and love offer a surreal sense of stability and peace. When you’re running on empty, they’re the extra jolt of caffeine you desperately need, lightening your load just by being there. In your lowest moments, they remind you that you’re part of a dynamic duo, turning the toughest times into manageable adventures with their mere presence.

This kind of angel gets a fitting tribute in Requiem, the new single from Seattle’s darkwave outfit Miss Misery, who burst onto the scene last year. The band’s music explores love, heartbreak, and the softer side of human emotions, delivered through infectious beats, catchy guitar riffs, haunting vocals, and a lively stage presence.

“Requiem is about finding the purest form of love that alleviates all of most painful and dark emotions in one’s soul,” says the band. “The way the song progresses musically represents the growing sense of security and joy.”

The lyrics, delivered with a gentle touch, depict the comfort and healing found in a loving relationship. It’s about banishing loneliness and pain through the embrace of a devoted partner. The song explores how this bond liberates them from lingering sadness, bringing a sense of peace in being chosen and cherished. Their sound resonates with the styles of French Police, Urban Heat, and Twin Tribes, making it an ideal soundtrack for twirling through life’s gloomiest moments. Keep your chin up.

Listen to the song below, or order on Bandcamp here:

Requiem by Miss Misery

The band recently hit the Pacific coast with appearances at The Coffin Club, Funhouse, and Elbo Room Jack London, sharing stages with Dark Chisme, Ronnie Stone, Casa De Brujas, Ringfinger, Ceremony Shadows and Xibling. Their next landing is their home turf on 31 May at Chicago’s Electric Funeral, with Panic Priest.

The band is currently working on their debut album Sorrow’s Serenade.

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