NA$A – O.G. feat. TheBroMal: Hip Hop to Level Up To

NA$A – O.G. feat. TheBroMal: Hip Hop to Level Up To

‘O.G.’ is the second single to be released by one of Brisbane’s most promising Rap trailblazers, NA$A. For his sophomore single, NA$A teamed up with TheBroMal to release one of the most mindful Hip Hop tracks released so far in 2020.

While many artists seek to make an impact on the airwaves by simply garnering hype, NA$A’s inspiration comes from the prospect of sharing their hard-earned wisdom through their energetic tracks which are crafted to resonate with listeners who can benefit from the insight offered.

The enticingly stylistic and modern mix runs through with solid smacks of the 808 while reverb-laden electronic effects seamlessly weave between the transfixing steady progressions. O.G. could never be accused of being an ambient Hip Hop track, but it boasts the perfect tone for you to drink in NA$A’s transcendence aiding lyrics which throw-back to hood days while gently persuading you to make them a thing of the past.

O.G. (which stands for ‘On God’) was written to spread the wisdom that it is your responsibility, and yours alone to make big things happen in life, not just for your benefit, but for the people around you. But the true beauty of the track is NA$A’s ability to bring religion into the concept of the track without being pious or attacking faith-followers.

In a time when people of people are finding morality and spirituality outside of religion, O.G. is the perfect testament to the progression in collective attitudes.

You can check out NA$A’s latest release for yourselves by heading over to Spotify.

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