BM Finds His ‘Element’ in A-Town
 All Photo Cr. Cheyenne Chong-Hoover
BM, one of four members of co-ed Kpop group KARD, embarked on his first U.S. solo tour. Named after a track on his third digital single, BM takes his beloved discography on tour to 6 major U.S. cities, including to Atlanta’s new venue, The Eastern, for the “After The After Party Tour.”

During BM’s stop in Atlanta, KpopWise had the honor of sitting down with the artist to gain insight about his preparation for tour and future plans:

All Photo Cr. Cheyenne Chong-Hoover
KW: Congratulations on your first solo US tour ‘After the After Party.’ What can Hidden KARD expect from this tour?

BM: A lot of things that you would expect at a normal Kpop tour is not what you can expect here. A lot of barriers broken down, a lot of boundaries being pushed. I think this tour is catered the way it should be, 21+, no phones, and a lot of mature and sensual things in the show. So I think that’s something you can expect from the show. 

KW: The ‘After the After Party’ tour is a little different from others by going “phoneless” and being 21 and over. What experience do you want fans to get out of the “phoneless” tour?

BM: Just to have a good time. Really a good time, good memories, something to take back home. Where they’re taken back to the memory and they can just forget about the bullshit that they have to go through in their life. Or to just remember how fun it was and maybe it brought out a side of them that they didn’t know they had inside of them. More than anything, I think having no phones makes the interaction much more intimate. I understand fans wanting to have clips to take back home to revisit but I think it’s better this way. The show is better this way for both parties. 

KW: How does it feel to prepare for a solo tour versus preparing for a KARD tour? What are some difficulties? 

BM: It’s much easier. With a group, you have to find time that matches for everybody. Four different members so you have to work around four different schedules, whereas for a solo tour I can go practice every day at the time that I feel like is right and I don’t really need to work around anyone else’s schedule. I make my own music, sometimes even choreograph my own dances so having to prepare for this was only excitement for this tour. 

KW: What was your inspiration behind “Lowkey” and “ATAP” (After The After Party)? Can you give us a little insight into your creative process? 

BM: I just wanted to start making music that I like, myself. I didn’t want to cater to a sound that needed the approval of anyone else besides myself. That started with “Lowkey” and “ATAP.” Afro-pop, 2000’s hip hop and R&B, is stuff that I like a lot nowadays and what I grew up on so I wanted to have a mix of that in my music this year. I think I am really really happy and grateful because from where I stand and what I can see I feel like it’s being digested the best out of all the music I’ve put out so far. 

KW: How did those songs stand out from others you’ve created? 

BM: If we dive into the process a little bit more; My mindset and headspace when I was creating songs before, I was nervous and very self-conscious. I think back now, I think I was somewhat not ready for it. I think this album was just 5s the whole time. It came out exactly how I wanted it to. It’s really the epitome of all the hard work that I’ve done up to this point. I think that’s the biggest difference. 

KW: Who were some of your musical influences growing up? How do those influences play a part in your creative process today? 

BM: Countless musical influences! I come from a very big dance background so hip hop and R&B that makes you dance– stuff you would listen to at the club, or even back to high school prom or junior high dances– all of those had a huge influence on me. Ja Rule, 50 Cent, G Unit, Lil Jon, Ying Yang Twins; Anything you could go crazy to in the club. And as far as rap goes — Tupac and J-Cole were huge influences so that’s where I think my standard for wordplay comes in. I will say this, while adding that I am nowhere near as good as the greats, I do have a standard for rap and I try to make it fun with the wordplay. 

KW: Your hometown Los Angeles, California is the first stop on your tour. How did it feel to perform solo for the first time in your hometown? 

BM: It felt like how the very very first [KARD] performance we did in LA felt. There was a lot of nerves, there was a lot of excitement, but as soon as I hit the stage it felt like ‘this is what I left home for.’ to be able to come back and show everybody that I didn’t give up and I was able to pull through. And to showcase everything I’ve learned and experienced along the way too. It was a good feeling. 

KW: Along with your solo career and KARD, you’re taking on the fashion world, co-hosting “Get Real,” and taking on entrepreneurship. Is there something new you would like to try in the future? 

BM: Acting. It’s more of a long-term goal, but it is something I am looking at a lot nowadays. I don’t have anything set in stone yet but I have a very clear vision and every clear vision I have had in my life has turned into a reality at this point so I think this is one that is also going to bloom into existence. 

KW: If you had to choose a theme song for your life, what song would it be? 

BM: ‘Love Yours’ by J-Cole. There is a portion in the second verse that talks about how there is always going to be something better than what you have but nothing is going to look as good if you don’t learn to appreciate what you already have. Everything else is going to look better if you keep looking at someone else’s accomplishments, just gotta learn to love yours. 


Along with BM’s impressive stages, he brought along two kind and talented acts to open the show: CLUB BOYBND and SUNKIS. 

CLUB BOYBND is a Korean-Canadian duo, stage names of JUSTIN TRASH and ROC LEE, who took the ATAP tour stage by storm. They brought rap, a little rock, and some iconic R&B to get the crowd warmed up for BM. Fans loved their energy and style. 

Sunkis is a solo artist, who you may know for his collaboration with J. TAJOR, ‘Like I Do.’ After finishing his ‘Phase 1’ North America tour earlier this year, Sunkis joined BM for his ATAP tour stops. Check out his most recent music, “All For You.”



This show was unique in nature because it was phone-less and required that fans be at least 21-years-old to attend. This sets an interesting precedent for the potential of future concerts in and out of the Kpop genre. While there is a certain sentiment that goes along with recording the memories fans want to keep from shows, this experience is so immersive that they might even forget that the option to record exists because their energy is preoccupied with the stage in front of them. 

BM, CLUB BOYBND, Sunkis, their respective teams, and the KONNECT’D tour team, truly brought a refreshing and energetic experience to Atlanta Hidden KARD and music fans alike. While this tour has come to a close, BM mentioned in his interview:

KW: Other than the tour, are there any upcoming projects you would like to share with fans? 

BM: We have KARD album next! After I’m done with tour, we’re going straight into preparations for [a new] KARD album. We have been preparing for a long time. That’s the next goal and we might have another solo coming from another member so fans should look out for that too.

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