Alejandro Fernández Announces U.S. Concert Dates For 2024

Alejandro Fernández Announces U.S. Concert Dates For 2024

Iconic Mexican singer Alejandro Fernández has announced a series of major U.S. shows in addition to a series of dates in his native Mexico for 2024.

The shows have been announced as the singer continues to honor his family’s musical legacy with the release of his latest album, Te Carga En La Sangre (I Carry You In My Blood). The album, now available on all platforms, masterfully fuses the rich tradition of ranchera music with contemporary rhythms, redefining the genre for a new generation.

Alejandro Fernández expresses it this way: “My heart has his name and my soul has his last name. My mouth feeds on all its people… Centuries of history run through my veins, stories that I share with all of you. Wherever I go, my song becomes the song of their voices; My eyes fill with pride when I see their colors. And my skin is the land where their hearts walk. Our voice echoes in all its corners. My blood, it’s your blood. Blood of brave, honest Mexicans, full of life, love and hope. Mexico, I have you in my blood!”

Throughout the album’s 12 tracks, Alejandro fans will experience a perfect blend of tradition and innovation. In addition to the hits, new tunes like “El Vicio De Quererte,” “Es Ella,” “La Última Y Nos Vamos,” and “Que Bien Te Vino El Adiós” stand out, each contributing to the album’s rich tapestry.

Alejandro Fernández continues to solidify his place as a leading representative of Mexican music on the global stage. Te Carga En La Sangre showcases his enduring talent and ability to fuse traditional mariachi-ranchera sounds with contemporary musical styles. The result is a timeless masterpiece that bridges the past and present, defining the sound of 2024.

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Jun 7 – Palenque – Monterrey (MX)
Jun 8 – Palenque – Monterrey (MX)
Jun 15 – Bullring – Pachuca (MX)
Jun 23 – Palenque – San Luis Potosí (MX)
Jun 24 – Palenque – San Luis Potosí (MX)
Sept 14 – MGM Grand Garden Arena With Camila Fernández – Las Vegas, NV (USA)
Sept 15 – MGM Grand Garden Arena With Alex Fernández – Las Vegas, NV (USA)
Sept 19 – Casino del Sol – Tucson, AZ (USA)
Sept 20 – Yaamava Theater – Highland, CA (USA)
Sept 22 – Harrah’s Event Center – Asheville, NC (USA)
Oct 5 – Bullring – León (MX)
Oct 11 – Palenque – Pachuca (MX)
Oct 12 – Palenque – Pachuca (MX)
Oct 18 – Palenque – Guadalajara (MX)
Oct 19 – Palenque – Guadalajara – (MX)
Oct 26 – Bullring – CDMX (MX)
Nov 2 – Bullring – Monterrey (MX)
Nov 9 – Bullring – Aguascalientes (MX)

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