One “Controversial” Comment From LE SSERAFIM’s Sakura To A Fan Has Everyone In A Tizzy

One “Controversial” Comment From LE SSERAFIM’s Sakura To A Fan Has Everyone In A Tizzy

While multiple members of LE SSERAFIM have been criticized recently for their live vocals at different events, arguably one of the most-criticized members has been Sakura. Not only were people disappointed that someone who has been in the idol business for as long as she has isn’t more consistent with her vocals, but her response to some of the criticism wasn’t well-received either.


At this point, though, some of the criticism that could have been constructive at first has become just plain hate towards the LE SSERAFIM members, specifically for Sakura. This has become evident recently after netizens had strong negative reactions to a single comment that the LE SSERAFIM member replied to a fan with on a messaging app.


Below is a translation of the short interaction, in which a fan asked Sakura what she had been doing that day.

Fan: Kkura what have you been doing all day today?

Sakura: I was practicing, practicing and practicing.

You might expect that fans would be happy to hear that Sakura is seemingly focusing on bettering her performance abilities after the recent controversies, but some of the reactions to her comment weren’t so positive. For example, even the person that originally took the screenshot and posted the interaction commented that Sakura is “finally” practicing, and there were other snide remarks made from commenters as well. For example, some people responded that all idols are practicing, while others claimed she must only be practicing dance or that they’d only believe her after they saw results.


The intense scrutiny and negative responses from commenters led to many others chiming in with their own opinions on the matter, with many in disbelief over how much criticism a simple comment from Sakura could get.

Fortunately it seems like Sakura has plenty of fans coming to her defense, but it’s unfortunate that people are still needing to come to her defense at this point.

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