Netizens React To Popular Group Center’s Sudden Departure

Netizens React To Popular Group Center’s Sudden Departure

Japanese idol Hayashi Mirei has shocked fans after announcing she is leaving the group.

Hayashi Mirei

According to reports, the idol announced her departure from SKE48 during the group’s most recent concert. Report states that the idol’s last promotion is scheduled on May 8.

I, Hayashi Mirei, have graduated from SKE48.

— Hayashi Mirei

The news comes as a shock to fans as the idol was seen as the future of the group. In her farewell announcement to fans, Hayashi Mirei apologized to fans and asked for their continued support.

I am very sorry for the sudden announcement, but I have come to this decision after giving it a lot of thought. I wanted to become a member that could contribute to SKE48. I ask that you support until the very end.

— Hayashi Mirei

The shocking news even had Korean fans stunned.

“Sigh…” “When Nannan left, I criticized them, but now that I am older, I’m supportive of their decisions… It’s disappointing, but I understand as I can’t live their lives for them.” “Wow…” “Wow…” “Wow…” “Wow.” “Be happy.” “Please be happy.” “I was like already? But I saw that she was in the group for 6 years. Time goes by fast.” “Ah, I am so disappointed. I know she made the decision after thinking over it carefully, but I am so disappointed. Still I wish her happiness.

Meanwhile, Hayashi Mirei joined the group in 2019 at the young age of 10 years old. After her debut, the idol quickly gained popularity and even promoted as the center of the group.

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