fromis_9’s Chaeyoung bemoans lack of group activities: “Why just us?”

fromis_9’s Chaeyoung bemoans lack of group activities: “Why just us?”

fromis_9 singer Chaeyoung has shared her frustration over the girl group’s lack of music releases during a recent livestream.

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fromis_9’s Chaeyoung held an audio livestream yesterday (May 7) on the fan platform Weverse, during which she voiced her feeling about the girl group’s lack of promotional activities and music releases. In a short snippet from the livestream, as archived by fans on X (formerly Twitter), Chaeyoung said: “Why are we the only ones who have to wait a long time to be active?”

“Why just us? Just fromis_9? It’s so upsetting. I have Flovers (fromis_9’s official fanbase), I have fans too… we have Flovers too,” the K-pop idol added. The singer later told listeners that she would do her best for the group’s upcoming events and recharge in the meantime.

: 왜이렇게… 활동을 못할까, 우리만…?
너무 슬프다…
나도 플로버있다!x2
나도 팬 있다..!!
우리도 플로버 있다…!!
마음아파…. 한번도 이렇게 직접적으로 말한적 없어서…

— 낑깡이 (@rbflo_27) May 7, 2024

Following Chaeyoung’s livestream, fans of the group have expressed their disappointment towards both Pledis Entertainment and HYBE for the group’s lack of activities, with some even describing it as “mistreatment”. Neither company have yet to address the comments made by the K-pop idol as of writing.

fromis was not invited in their company’s new year dinner, pledis gaslighting them they might not sell out their concert (sold out their 2 day concert in less than 2 minutes btw) are those not mistreament to yall?

— eli (@jisunsdoll) May 7, 2024

fromis_9 has made around 8.3m dollars in album sales alone, that’s not even taking into consideration their sold out concerts, performances, or digital platform sales/streams. Their comebacks are not high budget. Pledis has made money off of them, and they are profitable.

— rose (@yubinmeal) May 7, 2024

fromis_9’s last release was the single ‘Love Me Back’ in October 2023, as part of the soundtrack for the webcomic Operation: True Love. Prior to that, the girl group dropped their first studio album ‘Unlock My World’ in June 2023, featuring the title track #menow.

The record also included the track ‘Attitude’, which was named by NME as one of the best K-pop songs in 2023. ‘Unlock My World’ was notably fromis_9’s first release as an eight-member group, following the departure of member Jang Gyu-ri in late July 2022.

fromis_9 are slated to perform at the upcoming 2024 Weverse Con Festival in Soeul, South Korea next month. The music event will also feature appearances from other HYBE, acts such as SEVENTEEN, TXT, LE SSERAFIM, TWS and more.

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