Top Actress Shockingly Announces Secret Marriage To Boyfriend

Top Actress Shockingly Announces Secret Marriage To Boyfriend

Han Ye Seul surprised her fans by revealing she is now legally married!

Han Ye Seul (right) and her boyfriend (left) | Naver

On May 7, the top actress uploaded a video to her YouTube channel. In the video, Han Ye Seul shared that she had registered her marriage to her long-time boyfriend.

I waited until this moment to share some happy news. I am not someone who changes their tastes. By the time this video comes out, I will have already registered my marriage. I am now a newlywed!

— Han Ye Seul

The actress continued doting on her boyfriend and stated that she had long considered her boyfriend as her forever-mate.

To be honest, I’ve felt like a newlywed for some time. When my boyfriend and I started dating, we never considered ourselves as each other’s girlfriends or boyfriends — we saw each other as soulmates and best friends, so we never had to.

— Han Ye Seul

Han Ye Seul also shared what made her want to marry her boyfriend.

I am becoming a bride in May to publicly announce our relationship to everyone. I am now formally a bride. I will show you how great we get along. I will do my best to capture my husband, who is shy, on camera.

— Han Ye Seul

Meanwhile, Han Ye Seul and her boyfriend publicly acknowledged their relationship in 2021. The couple first made news after it was revealed her now-husband was 10 years the actress’ junior.

You can watch Han Ye Seul’s announcement in the link below!

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