Paparazzi Caught Making “Offensive” Comments During Stray Kids’ “2024 MET Gala” Red Carpet Appearance

Paparazzi Caught Making “Offensive” Comments During Stray Kids’ “2024 MET Gala” Red Carpet Appearance

On May 6, Stray Kids made history as the first K-Pop group to be invited to attend the MET Gala. 

Stray Kids

The group were invited to attend by Tommy Hilfiger and wore custom looks from the brand. Stray Kids were interviewed in addition to walking the red carpet, where they revealed their actual looks.

Embed from Getty Images

Embed from Getty Images

Fans were filled with pride over the achievement, sharing their praise for the group’s handsome visuals.


— ⁸tea⁷ (@Arianaxmoon12) May 6, 2024

stray kids on the red carpet! they’re so handsome #straykids_metgala

— lena ✰ (@staysday6) May 6, 2024

However, fans were quick to notice something wrong with the group’s red carpet appearance.

In addition to photos being taken by paparazzi, many media outlets also filmed the red carpet. In one clip from a media source, paparazzi can be heard sarcastically talking about Stray Kids, with one remarking that they were like “robots.”

Can anybody spread this?? Are paparazzi always this rude…literally after this he said I bet they’re gonna start performing hello?? #StrayKids_MetGala #StrayKids #MetGala

— SWEATING 4 TAERAE (@VentisWap) May 6, 2024

Paparazzi 1: Never seen so many unemotional faces in my life.
Paparazzi 2: They’re like robots.
Paparazzi 1: Yeah, right.
Paparazzi 1: Now let’s do it with feeling!

When Stray Kids did their outfit reveal, the group of paparazzi can be hear negatively exclaiming.

In another video taken right in front of Stray Kids, the crowd of paparazzi can be heard giving them directions, with one yelling “everyone jump,” before another says “how do you say right in Korean.” (0:37 in the below clip)

The comments the paparazzi are making?? That’s DISPERPECTFUL!
CONGRATS STRAY KIDS!!! #MetGala2024 #StrayKids_MetGala #StrayKids

— Skz♡ (@_BLCHHFSI) May 6, 2024

Both of these encounters perpetuate stereotypes about K-Pop groups, including that idols are cold and emotionless, while also showing an ignorant assumption that they do not understand English.

Fans were left disgusted by the rude and “racist” comments made during such a big moment in Stray Kids’ career.

the fact that a huge (and seemingly respectable) event like the met gala still doesn’t invest in hiring actual professional photographers and instead lets nasty racist paparazzi harass the guests is despicable and revolting. and no one around them said anything either

— Dr. Ham O’Roids, MD (@arieskidz) May 6, 2024

i’m legit so mad are these paparazzis that stupid and racists? who let them in ffs

— robs 방찬의 아내 (@lovesxrobs) May 6, 2024

paparazzi being very loudly racist towards 5kz at the met and not facing any backlash from the people around them is fucking crazy

— ferret (@hyunebuns) May 6, 2024

Despite this happening, Stray Kids are still making history regardless and look great while doing so!


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