NewJeans Lightstick Dressed As ADOR’s Min Hee Jin Is The Cutest Part Of The HYBE Feud

NewJeans Lightstick Dressed As ADOR’s Min Hee Jin Is The Cutest Part Of The HYBE Feud

The feud between HYBE Labels and ADOR CEO Min Hee Jin has been pretty much nothing but messy so far. There have been accusations thrown on both sides of plagiarism, unfairness, and all kinds of other not-so-great things, and it’s still uncertain how the ordeal will wrap up, or how long it will be until it does.

Min Hee Jin | ADOR

Of course, though, with any major online scandal, there are going to be people that try to make light of the situation. One of the more light-hearted aspects of the feud has been Hee Jin’s style — particularly, the outfit she wore during her explosive press conference — and despite the criticism it got, the “iconic” shirt she was wearing even sold out.

One fan has now taken it a step even further by dressing their own NewJeans lightstick like the ADOR CEO!

| The Qoo

With impressive crochet skills, the fan not only made Min Hee Jin’s shirt in an extra extra small to fit the lightstick, but they even made an LA Dodgers hat to go along with it!

| The Qoo

On a post on a Korean forum about the lightstick, netizens overwhelmingly had amused and endeared reactions in the comments, with a lot of them simply being “ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ”.

“Hee Jin core lol.” “Lolololololol.” “Hey, it’s cute…” “Oh, it’s crazy haha.” “They made it really pretty.” “Well done lolol.” “It’s cute, haha.” “Well-made lol, cute.” “The hat is cute lol.”

International fans were a bit more mixed in their reactions, with some also expressing amusement while others are heavily critical of anyone who takes Min Hee Jin’s part in this feud lightly.

What do you think, is the lightstick cute or cringe?

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