Is Kendrick Lamar & Drake’s Rap Beef Over?

Is Kendrick Lamar & Drake’s Rap Beef Over?

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Over the past few weeks, Drake and Kendrick Lamar have engaged in the ultimate war of words. Many diss tracks between the two parties have been released. But it seems like things may have taken a turn for the worst.

Earlier today (May 7), it was reported that Drake’s bodyguard had been shot near his Toronto home. While it’s unclear if the shooting was directly related to the Drake and Lamar’s rivalry, the events have many fans on edge. At this point, many believe that it’s time to rap the whole debaccle up.

Is Kendrick Lamar and Drake’s rap beef over?

Neither Lamar nor Drake have offered any indication that their ongoing feud is over. Nor have either of them commented on the reported shooting.

However, neither of them, nor have any of their associates, teased any upcoming diss tracks.

It’s never safe to assume that any rap beef is ever over. However, the general consensus seems to be that releasing another diss track at this time would be in poor taste.

With that said, things will likely lighten up within the rap landscape — (knocks on wood).

At the time of writing, Lamar’s most recent diss track — the Mustard-produced “Not Like Us ” — sits at No. 1 on iTunes.

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