HYBE Corrects “Exorbitant Pricing” For SEVENTEEN’s New Album, But Netizens Are Still Suspicious

HYBE Corrects “Exorbitant Pricing” For SEVENTEEN’s New Album, But Netizens Are Still Suspicious

SEVENTEEN’s latest album, 17 Right Here, caused a buzz with their pricing for the deluxe version. The original album price was 204,900 KRW ($~150.65 USD), but it was placed on sale for 170,800 KRW ($~125.58 USD).

Half a day after the initial price release, the company suddenly announced that there had been an error in pricing. The newly reflected price is at ₩83,400 KRW (about $61.50 USD) for the original price, and ₩69,500 KRW (about $51.30 USD) for the sale price.

Along with the change in pricing, the company released a statement on Weverse that explained the retailers had reflected the wrong price due to a mishap in communication. Fans would immediately be issued refunds for the wrongly-priced albums.

| theqoo Seems like they thought it would sell well because there are many fools amongst idol fans. Guess it wasn’t selling, LOL. Legendary LOL. No, what the f*ck is this… LOL are they haggling or something? HYBE’s exorbitant pricing (new!) But for the contents, even 70000[/kr] is expensive. Honestly, if it was truly an error, they would’ve corrected it immediately. Seeing how it took 6 hours, did they go and discuss it before recalculating? LOL. Guess we have to be thankful they even changed it.

The statement came half a day after the albums went up for sale, causing fans to raise suspicions about the company’s motives. Many felt that the company had tried to rip fans off, before realizing that it was not feasible, leading them to correct the prices.

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