Deuczy Releases Silky Video for His Hip-Hop Hit ‘All Knight’

Deuczy Releases Silky Video for His Hip-Hop Hit ‘All Knight’

Amassing over ten million streams, charting on the Shazam Top 100 across 12 countries on Apple Music, ‘All Knight‘ has undeniably catapulted Deuczy to the forefront of emerging Hip-Hop artists. The sleek flows, self-assured lyricism and laid-back but hard-hitting beat became an earworm for fans, sending the track’s impact into the stratosphere. Utilising a unique blend of rap and sung delivery, Deuczy injects velvety melodies into the sultry themes, a perfect complement to the hazy production.

On April 26th, Deuczy’s leading single is set to receive an equally enticing music video, directed by the acclaimed Jerry Morka, renowned for his recent work on Big X the Plug’s video for ‘Mhmm’ which ascended to #65 on the Billboard Hot 100. The video perfectly captures the unique artistic vision Deuczy holds, showcasing the duality that drives his creation.

The artist shares, ”After past traumatic relationships I’ve really struggled with making genuine connections due to my own inner battles. So in making the record I just wanted to paint the picture not only for myself, but also for others who may be experiencing the same tug of war.”

The New York rising star was raised among music-loving brothers, introducing Deuczy to a diverse range of sounds from an early age. Through personal experience, most significantly the heart-wrenching loss of a close friend, his musical essence was shaped, finding a balance between universal appeal and intimate storytelling.

As his dedication and passion are showcased to the world, the rest of 2024 is set to be a landmark year for Deuczy, with multiple singles lined up each showcasing different facets of his versatile artistry. Building on the momentum generated by the monumental success of ‘All Knight’, a new project emerges over the horizon, an exhibition of the rapper’s evolution, reflecting on his journey, the challenges he’s overcome, and his vision for the future of hip-hop.

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