4th Gen Boy Group’s New Song “Daddy’s Girl” Shocks With Its Lyrics

4th Gen Boy Group’s New Song “Daddy’s Girl” Shocks With Its Lyrics

Recently, JUST B announced their comeback with the single “Daddy’s Girl.” The underrated 4th Gen boy group under Bluedot Entertainment consists of Geonu, Bain, Lim Jimin, JM, DY, and Sangwoo.

Daddy’s Girl

Coming Soon
2024.05.#JUSTB #저스트비#Daddysgirl pic.twitter.com/yNdJ5aEoR4

— JUST B Official (@JUSTB_Official) May 5, 2024

With the release of the teaser image, it was shared that the song and MV would be officially released in May. The song was previously made available on the Nemoz app just for their fans, ONLY B, who bought the album during their last tour. “Daddy’s Girl” was made for 2024 ‘Just Be With You’ North and South America tour.

[VIDEO] 노래 좋은데?

https://t.co/7j6ASWvoVX#JUSTB #저스트비 #Daddysgirl pic.twitter.com/B9D0ymBzSq

— JUST B Official (@JUSTB_Official) May 7, 2024

Naturally, with that title, netizens are curious about the lyrics, as “Daddy” is not just something one refers to their father. Unfortunately, the lyrics have yet to be officially released.

SO NO DADDY’S GIRL LYRICS THEN????? pic.twitter.com/1T0liiddJC

— Tam ✧˖°. || loving just b (@eternal_codeb) March 15, 2024

for those who don’t understand JUST B’s DADDY’S GIRL is about them liking a Trust Fund Baby not them being possessive and calling you daddy’s girl

— ʕ⁎̯͡⁎ʔ༄ julia BAIN DAY (@GEONUSGIRL) May 6, 2024

However, Geonu has teased the lyrics sometimes. He always refers to them as “cute.”

according to Geonu Daddy’s Girl has cute lyrics? pic.twitter.com/FwTy5crtUS

— 누리• (@geonusdebut) April 3, 2024

: In the lyrics. There are a lot of cute words. It makes me think.

…he’s referring to DADDY’S GIRL lyrics what do you mean cute lyrics #geonu #geonkebox #justb pic.twitter.com/KPaZOe6xhx

— 누리• (@geonusdebut) April 28, 2024

ONLY B aren’t buying that, though. Some fans who have heard the song have transcribed the lyrics that they heard and shared them with others, and it’s not giving “cute.” While the song isn’t sexually explicit, it is laced with curse words and other content.

| @myflowerksy/X & @choicebsangkwan/X | @myflowerksy/X & @choicebsangkwan/X

They added a disclaimer that some lyrics could be wrong, as it’s based on only what they heard. Still, it gives a good idea of the official lyrics.

Also, some lyrics may be wrong! This is just what we heard from videos and seeing it live.

— heather ๋࣭ ⭑ (@myflowerksy) March 21, 2024

When JUST B released a teaser via TikTok, netizens had to double-check what they were hearing. Most agree it sounds like “song of the year,” though!

You can listen to a performance of “Daddy’s Girl” below.

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