10 Best Looks From The Hottest Stars On The “2024 Baeksang Arts Awards” Red Carpet

10 Best Looks From The Hottest Stars On The “2024 Baeksang Arts Awards” Red Carpet

The 2024 Baeksang Arts Awards recently took place in Seoul and all of the top stars slayed the red carpet. From idols to actors, everyone looked stunning! Check out who wore what on the red carpet below.

1. An Yujin (IVE)

IVE’s An Yujin stunned in a white gown the emphasized her ethereal beauty. She wore her hair in an updo to accentuate her face and accessorized with butterfly-inspired jewelry.

An Yujin (IVE) | Star News | SpoTV News | Segye | SpoTV News

제60회 백상예술대상 레드카펫 #안유진 pic.twitter.com/nsJ65LN2ta

— 초무 (@9_1_5_6_7) May 7, 2024

2. Suzy

Suzy’s bold look was a pink gown featuring large bows and a daring cut-out in the front. She kept everything else simple and let the unique dress stand out.

Suzy | X Sports News | Sedaily | iMBC | News 1

수지언니 미텻따 pic.twitter.com/jIgmQe1IaZ

— 고래.. (@vthvm) May 7, 2024

3. Kim Soo Hyun

Kim Soo Hyun looked handsome in a crisp, classic suit and bow tie. He showed off some adorable aegyo for the cameras on the red carpet.

Kim Soo Hyun | News 1 | Herald Pop | News 1

백상예술대상 레드카펫 김수현 존나 좋다ㅁㅊ pic.twitter.com/c55MyycRpO

— 상상 (@imagine__Drama) May 7, 2024

4. Kim Go Eun

Kim Go Eun’s long-sleeved dress was the edgiest look of the night, featuring daring cleavage that exposed her bra and leather accessories.

Kim Go Eun | Star News | News 1 | My Daily

[070524] #KIMGOEUN today at the 60th Baeksang Arts Awards red carpet#김고은 #파묘 #Exhuma#60thBaeksangArtsAwards #BaeksangArtsAwards2024 pic.twitter.com/hB9k2pOvY2

— KIM GO EUN PHILIPPINES (@kimgoeunphofc) May 7, 2024

5. Krystal

Krystal was the human embodiment of elegance and class in this long black gown with cutouts along the sides and back to show off her model-like physique.

Krystal Jung | SpoTV News | Star News | MK Sports | SpoTV News

✦ jung soojung at the red carpet of 60th baeksang arts awards 2024 #BaeksangArtsAwards2024 #JungSooJung#60thBaeksangArtsAwards #정수정 pic.twitter.com/8BrDlXGwvG

— zea. (@snowzeaz) May 7, 2024

6. Go Youn Jung

Go Youn Jung looked gorgeous in a black gown with beaded details and an asymmetrical strap. She also wore an updo for added elegance.

Go Youn Jung | MK Sports | MK Sports | MK Sports

Actress Go Younjung at the 60th Baeksang Arts Awards Red Carpet as the TV Best New Actress nominee #고윤정 #GoYounjung#GOYOUNJUNG_BAA2024 pic.twitter.com/kFOkggMkDo

— sash (𝙨𝙚𝙢𝙞-𝙞𝙖) (@yourecho_) May 7, 2024

7. Bibi

Bibi stunned in a floor-lengthed grey dress covered in butterfly details and let her fun personality take center stage.

Bibi | iMBC | X Sports News | iMBC

✦ bibi at the red carpet of 60th baeksang arts awards 2024 #BaeksangArtsAwards2024 #BIBI#60thBaeksangArtsAwards #비비 pic.twitter.com/SxZNxwQGSH

— zea. (@snowzeaz) May 7, 2024

8. Park Bo Gum

Park Bo Gum brought his signature charisma to the red carpet and flashed his gorgeous smile in a classic suit.

Park Bo Gum | iMBC | SpoTV News | Star Today

[VID] #SUZY, #ParkBogum and Shin Dongyup Arrived at the 60th Baeksang Awards Red carpet

BAEKSANG ICON SUZY#BaeksangArtsAwards2024 pic.twitter.com/goAASSrVDc

— Bae Suzy Global (@Suzyfanclub1) May 7, 2024

9. Lim Ji Yeon

Lim Ji Yeon shined bright in a gold dress with a scoop neck like that emphasized her gorgeous physique. She wore her hair in glamorous long waves to suit the stunning look.

Lim Ji Yeon | iMBC | Sedaily Star | Sedaily Star | Sedaily Star

✦ lim jiyeon at the red carpet of 60th baeksang arts awards 2024 #BaeksangArtsAwards2024 #LimJiYeon#60thBaeksangArtsAwards #임지연 pic.twitter.com/rDLfk3VKe6

— zea. (@snowzeaz) May 7, 2024

10. Go Min Si

Go Min Si rocked a black dress with rhinestone trim and showed off her beautiful visuals by doing some aegyo for the cameras.

Go Min Si | SpoTV News | Segye | OSEN

✦ go minsi at the red carpet of 60th baeksang arts awards 2024 #BaeksangArtsAwards2024 #GoMinSi#60thBaeksangArtsAwards #고민시 pic.twitter.com/s5nuMRBaAH

— zea. (@snowzeaz) May 7, 2024

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