May Comebacks: From ATEEZ to Soojin to NEW JEANS

May Comebacks: From ATEEZ to Soojin to NEW JEANS


May 2024 is a busy month with several K-pop acts expected to make a comeback. Others have already made a comeback including YOUNITE (released the 6th EP ‘Another’ on May 1) and Hyuna (released the EP ‘Attitude’ on May 2). Here are some K-pop artists and groups making a comeback this May 2024.


1. BTOB’s Sungjae

BTOB’s Yook Sungjae’s is set to make an official comeback this May with the “EXHIBITION: Look Closely” single. With trailers and concept photos already circulating the internet, the MV official release is scheduled for May 9. This will be Sungjae’s first release under his new agency, iWill Media.


2. EXO’s Suho

Suho will be making a comeback with his 3rd mini-album this May. With the teaser already up, fans can’t wait to see the star’s collaboration with notable artists including Wendy from Red Velvet. The upcoming album titled ‘1 to 3’, with seven tracks, is scheduled for release on May 31.


3. Soojin

The former G-IDLE member will be making a comeback since the EP EGASSI release in November 2023. The album was her first album as a solo artist. Soojin is set to release her second EP titled RIZZ on May 22. A teaser for the upcoming release has already been released is creating ripples on the internet.



About 6 months since their last release, the ‘ODD-VENTURE’ mini-album released in November 2023, MCND is ready to shake up the entertainment scene. The band’s agency, TOP Media, announced that MCND will be making a comeback on May 21 with their 6th mini-album titled ‘X10’. The upcoming release’s teasers have started pouring out including its tracklist snippet.



ATEEZ will be making their Korean comeback this May. ATEEZ group, which has been busy taking the world by storm, especially with their performance at the Coachella music festival in the US, will be making a comeback with their 10th mini-album. The ‘GOLDEN HOUR: Part 1’ mini-album will be released on March 31. The album’s concept photos are already out for all the members.



The “Super Shy” hitmaker will be making a comeback this May with releases in Korea and Japan. NEW JEANS will be returning to the entertainment scene with double singles titled “How Sweet” and “Bubble Gum” on May 24. A preview of the upcoming double single album, released late last month, has created an internet frenzy with fans eagerly awaiting the double single’s official release.



The “Lucid Dream” and “Black Mamba” hit make will be gracing the entertainment industry with a comeback this May. AESPA is expected to release their first full-length ‘Armageddon’ album. The release is scheduled for May 27.


—-Makena Mwenda


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