Hip Hop Artist Don Zio P Makes an Impact with “Woop Woop”

Hip Hop Artist Don Zio P Makes an Impact with “Woop Woop”

Hip Hop artist Don Zio P is a small town kid with a big dream. He’s a budding independent recording artist coming out of Connecticut talks about how his lifestyle and influence led him to his style of rap and how his brand ‘Young Tatted Homies came together. Being multicultural made his style unique and has attracted a diverse audience. The nature of Don Zio P’s name hints at the diversity of both his heritage and his music. “My mother is Jamaican, and my father is Italian.” “My real name is PJ, so my niece always calls me ‘Uncle P.’ ‘Don’ comes from the Jamaican side; my grandmother gave me that nickname. ‘Zio’ is Italian for ‘Uncle.’ “P’ is me. The name is every side of who I am.


Covered in ink from head-to-toe and spouting catchy hooks sandwiched between colorful bars, that moniker is about to be on everyone’s mind this year. Driven by wild production and spotlighting his wide-eye wordplay, Don’s music serves up hash taggable lyrics that are as club-worthy as they are frat-ready. He sets out to make each song a unique experience. He delivers an impactful experience with his most recent single, “Woop Woop”. “I want you to understand what the vibe is,” he says. “Whatever I do, I don’t care if it’s slow, fast, sad, or happy, I always want you to feel like that Young Tatted Homie I am. Currently represented by entertainment attorney Bob Celestin – Don is poised for a successful year, as he hones his craft in the studio and readies a slew of upcoming releases.

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