GOT7’s BamBam Responds To Netizen Accusing Him Of “Sexualizing Minors”

GOT7’s BamBam Responds To Netizen Accusing Him Of “Sexualizing Minors”

Over the weekend, GOT7‘s BamBam and NCT’s Jeno both went viral as they took off their shirts during their respective concerts. BamBam performed his sold-out 2023-2024 BamBam THE 1ST WORLD TOUR ENCORE ‘AREA 52’ in BANGKOK, while NCT DREAM performed THE DREAM SHOW 3 IN SEOUL. 

BamBam (top) and Jeno (bottom)

NCT’s Jeno.

— About Music (@AboutMusicYT) May 6, 2024

SHIRTLESS BAM#แบมแบมอินราชมัง #ENCOREAREA52DAY#BamBam @BamBam1A

— hourly bambam (@BambamHourly) May 4, 2024

Some netizens began pitting the two against each other, although they were both working hard at their concerts.

you’ll never be jeno

— (@wonyoungoncrac) May 5, 2024

In a now-deleted post, a netizen quote-tweeted a post about BamBam, claiming “Jeno did it better.” Ahgases called them out, and the netizen posted another tweet, slandering BamBam, alleging that the GOT7 member “sexualizes minors” and that “nobody knows who BamBam is.”

At first you dragged bambam and then “nobody knows who bambam is”. Then it’s you who is obsessed with him and spreading false information about him. No one is dragging jeno.

— Tanisha:) (@Tanisha84980353) May 6, 2024

let me get this straight. You quoted a post about bambam with “Jeno did it better” and ahgases said they don’t care, did not get the attention you wanted. Then proceeded to delete it and post this bs tweet to make it seem like we are attacking jeno? who is jeno even?

— Lee_ (@Leenotnow_hr) May 6, 2024

BamBam was angered by this specific tweet and replied, “How about you stfu,” meaning, “How about you shut the f*ck up?”

“Sexualizing minors” is likely a reference to an old clip from BamBam’s online interview series Bam’s House. The clip was taken from Episode 6, released in February 2023.

BamBam’s guest, YouTuber Poongja, asked him who he was a fan of lately, to which he mentioned aespa‘s Winter and NewJeansHaerin. He explained that their songs feel healing to him.

BamBam said recently, he like Winter (aespa) and Haerin (NewJeans), and listening to their songs are healing to him


— 𝐣𝐨𝐲𝐜𝐞 (@cyjprint) February 24, 2023

BamBam: These days… I’d say Winter.

Poongja: She’s pretty.

BamBam: Winter and… Haerin.

Poongja: From NewJeans!

BamBam: Right, from NewJeans. Listening to their songs… It’s healing. To put it simply, I think I like women with short hair.

Poongja: Avoiding me in every direction, huh?

Later in the video, around 12:30, Poongja asked BamBam to choose between Nayeon (from Transit Love, not the TWICE member) or Haerin. He initially chose Haerin but stopped himself, saying she was “too young.” She was 16 years old at the time, and he believed it was “risky” to be a fan of such a young idol. Yet, Poongja continued to pressure him into choosing.

Bambam is so honest
He’d choose Poongja if it were for a nice and steady live, but the truth is he really really likes Haerin in terms of being a fan

— (@mayday_jy) February 24, 2023

Poongja: Between Nayeon and Haerin, then?

BamBam: Haerin? From NewJeans?

Poongja: Right.

BamBam: Haerin. Except she’s too young… Wait, yeah. She’s literally too young.

Poongja: Who are you even talking to? Is your CEO here somewhere?

BamBam: No, I’m- I mean, it’s kind of risky.

Poongja: What’s risky about this?!

BamBam: As an ideal type?

Poongja: You can absolutely like her as a fan. I like Park Seo Joon. Doesn’t mean I’m going to do something to him.

Since BamBam was 25 at the time, netizens were quick to criticize BamBam, saying that it was “creepy” and “inappropriate” for him to be a fan of a young idol, just as he feared in the video. Some even accused him of being a pedophile.

What BamBam(Got7) said about NewJeans Haerin is extremely creepy to me
byu/No-Committee1001 inkpopthoughts

Some loyal fans defended BamBam, explaining that these clips were taken out of context and partially mistranslated. While netizens have accused BamBam of sexualizing young idols, throughout the episode, he referred to the mentioned idols in wholesome terms, saying he was a fan of their music or that they were like sisters.

byu/No-Committee1001 from discussion

BamBam’s ideal type has always been older women. His ultimate bias has been Girls’ Generation‘s Taeyeon for many years.

byu/No-Committee1001 from discussion

BamBam responded after the increase of hate he received for the video. He revealed it was bothering him and asked fans not to believe a 10-second clip.

“I never try to hurt people. I never try to be a bad person. I never have bad thought or anything. I trying to be the best I can be, but when I try my best and this is the result, I’m tired.. and stressed out and I wanna give up sometimes, not gonna lie”

— ㅈㅅㅁ (@forgot7ss) May 2, 2023

Although this was one year ago, BamBam is still affected to this day. So, naturally, he was upset by the recent tweet. The OP (Original Poster)’s account has since been suspended.

Read more about the past controversy below.

GOT7’s BamBam Under Fire For Comments About NewJeans’ Haerin; Label ABYSS Company Threatens Legal Action Against Malicious Commenters

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