2PM Lee Junho’s “King The Land” Co-Stars Show Support For His New K-Drama

2PM Lee Junho’s “King The Land” Co-Stars Show Support For His New K-Drama

Fans of 2PM‘s Lee Junho (also romanized Lee Jun Ho) will see him on screen again soon, as he was recently announced to lead a new K-Drama.

YoonA (left) and Junho (right)

Netflix confirmed that Junho will be the male lead in its new webcomic-adapted K-Drama Cashero. He will portray Kang Sang Woong, an “ordinary public servant” who actually possesses superpowers.

Filming has begun for Cashero, and Junho’s co-stars from his previous K-Drama, King the Land, are showing their support. The “six siblings,” the nickname given to the King the Land friend group in the K-Drama, sent him a coffee truck with his cute “mochi” face from an iconic scene where his character ate many eggs at the sauna.

King The Land 6 siblings support truck for Junho on set of “#Cashero
The saying on banner is so witty
“Hero Kang Sangwoong is ready to save the world. Did you quit the hotel business ?”
They have such good friendship & it shows #LeeJunho #이준호 #KingTheLand #킹더랜드 pic.twitter.com/PbmEhIZ6RB

— Daisy loves KING JUNHO (@daisy_talks) May 5, 2024

The six siblings are Junho, Girls’ Generation‘s YoonA, Kim Ga Eun, Go Won Hee, An Se Ha, and Kim Jae Won. They joked that Junho “quit the hotel business.”

#KingTheLand cast members #GirlsGeneration‘s #YoonA #GoWonHee #KimGaEun #AhnSeHa and #KimJaeWon sent a coffee truck to Netflix drama #Cashero‘s set to support #LeeJunHo.

“For the appreciation of the prepared hero who saved this world, I guess you quit the hotel business?”… pic.twitter.com/RUQJuzKQ0P

— K-Drama Handle (@kdramahandle) May 6, 2024

Junho shared a photo of the coffee truck, thanking the six siblings. He tagged everyone, saying he enjoyed the drinks they sent.

Junho posted ig story about the coffee truck from six siblings and tagged everyone

le2jh: “I really enjoyed the drinks thank you”#KingTheLand #LeeJunho#Cashero #캐셔로 #이준호 pic.twitter.com/4bYtZqTEGk

— lia댕 (@junholeecious) May 6, 2024

The King the Land co-stars often show support for each other. Read more below.

Girls’ Generation’s YoonA Spotted At 2PM Lee Junho’s Solo Concert

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