TXT’s Beomgyu Defies Concert Protocol For A Wholesome Moment With Fans

TXT’s Beomgyu Defies Concert Protocol For A Wholesome Moment With Fans

On May 3, KST, boy group TXT (also known as Tomorrow By Together) kicked off its third world tour, ACT: PROMISE.


The quintet performed a three-day concert at the KSPO Dome in Seoul, with approximately a total of 33,000 fans in attendance. Each concert was full of breathtaking performances despite some hiccups around stage production.

240504 Miracle #TXT pic.twitter.com/crq3KX2ShM

— 곰 (@19304s) May 4, 2024


— Maryam 誓い ( fan account) (@txtdom) May 4, 2024

Apart from the well-prepared performances, TXT also treated fans with many candid moments, especially during the “send-off.” For those unfamiliar with the term, it refers to an after-show, up-close interaction between idols and select few fans who hold a VIP-equivalent ticket. Each of the members took their time to greet all the fans during the send-off, signing autographs, and even making small talk.

투바투 프미콘 맠콘 미그

Taehyun was chatting with everyone while signing today and asking how was the concert . I told him he did well today but not sure if he heard!! #태현 pic.twitter.com/vZrpAEI8aH

— Odi the best Hedgehog 두밧두 와리와리~ ♪( ´θ`) (@SnowLightX3) May 5, 2024


— leire ༊ SAW TXT IN ANTWERP! (@junniemoodz) May 3, 2024

On the day of the second show, May 4, Beomgyu went viral for an amusing “IDGAF” moment during the send-off.

Beomgyu | @bamgyuuuu/Instagram

In a viral clip that has since garnered nearly 475,000 views, the TXT member can be seen trying to take a selfie with a fan at their request. But a venue staff steps in, instructing him not to take the picture. Initially, it seemed that Beomgyu was going to return the phone to the fan after the staff’s objection, but in a swift moment, he turned around and quickly took the selfie as the staff watched, half-amused.

240503 프미콘 #범규 #BEOMGYU

스텝이 안된다니까 범규
아 돼요돼요 하고 찍어주는거봐..
난 범규가 진짜 아이돌이라 생각해 pic.twitter.com/6Lk9OdVrQK

— (@yawnzzn_cyj) May 3, 2024

Beomgyu’s nonchalant attitude has left netizens thoroughly impressed. Some also praised the staff members for not reacting unnecessarily, and letting it slide.

born and raised in idaeguaf https://t.co/Ca1W1ns8Av

— i 誓い (@idgyuaf) May 3, 2024

beomgyu: https://t.co/BdODZXIBsF pic.twitter.com/ykedz2fwCe

— s (@sanrkive) May 3, 2024

he does not gaf tf they gon do? fire him?! https://t.co/GjydKWB2Dz

— netty ❅ is meeting soobhoon (@soobhoonz) May 3, 2024

the way the staff just looks away, i’m crying https://t.co/PHJySKWMVn

— panda⁷ (@njkoospanda) May 5, 2024

the difference between the txt staff telling txt no and the enhypen staff telling them no is INSANE. belift do better .. https://t.co/sdKr2YYAuM

— ash loves enhypen (@ashhypen) May 3, 2024

i love how the staffs were holding their laughter when beomie didn’t even listen to them n proceed to taking a picture w/ moas he’s the leader, yeoreobun! don’t mess with a leader https://t.co/jocJeqsiFN

— 「」 (@pearamihlr) May 3, 2024

it’s the staff looking away acting like they ain’t see nothin i can’t breathe https://t.co/EO31Dcxc4h

— ☼ (@pookiezzn) May 4, 2024

Beomgyu, the man you are!

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