Listen to French Post-Punk Project The Memory of Snow’s “All Cats Are Blue” EP

Listen to French Post-Punk Project The Memory of Snow’s “All Cats Are Blue” EP

From Caen, France, Albin Wagener, formerly of Overcast, brings us his latest venture, The Memory Of Snow. This project deftly blends new wave, dream pop, blues enriched with soul, and post-punk into a fresh sound that resonates with deep-rooted influences from icons like Depeche Mode, Tears For Fears, Ultravox, and Slowdive.

The Memory of Snow’s newest EP, All Cats Are Blue, commences with the title song: a funky dream pop anthem that hooks listeners with its smooth groove and modern melodies. This dancefloor filler echoes the spirited vibe of Talking Heads and INXS. The lyrics to dive into themes of moving past yesterday’s echoes, making tough calls, and standing firm in the face of doubt…compelling us to keep our eyes on the road ahead and not the rearview mirror. All Cats Are Blue isn’t just a backdrop for your next party—it’s a rally cry for personal revolution.

Following this is Picture For Claire, which describes a quest for understanding and connection. The narrator seeks clarity amid life’s dualities and absurdities, feeling a special connection with “Claire,” who navigates the world with curiosity and resilience. Through art, the narrator hopes to express admiration and companionship.

Giant Hills follows, expressing a deep connection to a childhood landscape, highlighting the profound bond felt to the land that shaped the singer. Despite this connection, there’s a sense of alienation and change. They grapple with nostalgia and the desire to reclaim a past that no longer feels the same, struggling with the dissonance between cherished memories and present reality.

The album concludes with Glued, a track full of pathos that depicts a sense of stagnation and frustration, portraying life as moving too slowly and feeling stuck. It describes a disconnection from their physical actions and emotions, expressing a desire to escape societal stereotypes and norms. There’s a call to reject conformity and embrace chaos, highlighting a deep yearning for change and the struggle to find meaning in a seemingly absurd existence.

All Cats Are Blue is the confirmation that The Memory Of Snow’s clever mix of dream pop, post-punk, and contemporary pop-rock is here to stay,” says Wagener. “This EP is just a taste of what’s to come with ‘Atlantic,’ and I can’t wait to share the full album.”

The All Cats Are Blue EP  is available on all streaming platforms.

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All Cats Are Blue EP by The Memory Of Snow

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