Kpopalypse’s trufaxual caonima test

Welcome to Kpopalypse’s trufaxual caonima test!

As is now a highly regarded Internet asset (not sure how the fuck that happened, but anyway…) I have now been getting many random emails for various people looking to collaborate with Kpopalypse. Here’s just a small selection of the wide variety of these emails that I received over the last month.

The world won’t end with a bang or a whimper, but with a mass email to every living person that begins with “I hope this message finds you well”


WTF is a ‘vertical’, who even talks like that? “Revert back” with your base price? I don’t think I trust this person to write a sponsored post until they put their thesaurus down.


Grammar is fucking shit here. So many words and none of it makes any sense, please stay away from all websites for the good of humanity. Is this Min Hee Jin’s husband?


Never mind the gambling, anyone familiar with this site would know that “Hello Sir” is not an appropriate way to greet Kpopalypse in an email.


The list of people willing to collaborate with Kpopalypse is never-ending! But, I worry – do these people really understand the aims of this website? After all I wouldn’t want to alienate my readers with content that didn’t have the distinctive Kpopalypse feel. Call me cynical, but it does seem like some of these offers might just be cold-canvass operations from people who really didn’t take the time to check out or fully understand the enlightening and nuanced content that has to offer.

It doesn’t end there, however. Some people want to go even further than write articles here, offering to actually buy the site outright – yikes!

Didn’t leave his phone number but whatever lol


I won’t lie – while I have zero plans to sell this website, these offers are tempting! I am currently in very questionable financial circumstances and thus am definitely open to the possibility of selling my soul for a few hundred thousand dollarydoos, however I also have to think of the readers. Obviously any new owner of would have to continue to uphold the site to its world-famous incredibly high quality standard.

Of course I have to ensure, out of courtesy and respect for my readers, that anyone doing anything on or with is securely vetted for quality purposes. I have therefore devised the following test that I can direct such people to, to see if they meet the required standards of caonima. If you offered to write for or buy or [insert activity x] this website and have been directed here, this quiz is for you – don’t skip it, or I won’t be returning your emails! Of course, all my current readers are welcome to do this quiz also in order to test their caonima levels. Please enjoy!

If the embedded quiz didn’t display, click this high-quality alpaca to open the quiz on a separate webpage

This quiz will remain always open, as long as the site remains open and I continue to get these shitty emails! Thanks for visiting!

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