One Part Of IVE’s “HEYA” Choreography Is Going Viral… For All The Wrong Reasons

One Part Of IVE’s “HEYA” Choreography Is Going Viral… For All The Wrong Reasons

IVE‘s latest comeback with I’ve Switch and its title track “HEYA” has been getting some mixed reactions for different reasons. While their vocals, like always, aren’t failing to impress, the choreography for the song has been getting more mixed opinions.

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Recently, the group performed “HEYA” on Studio Choom. Their styling in the video, and for this comeback in general, have been received quite well, but there is one particular part of the choreography that has been getting more criticism even than the rest of the dance.

The part of the dance in question is near the end of the song, when Gaeul is in the center. While she’s owning her part of the song, though, there’s an awkward transition in the back where Rei has to rush behind the other members to get to her next place.

The clip was posted on Twitter, where it has over 1.1 million views.

Who the fuck was the choreographer

— andream (@som1inchemclass) April 30, 2024

Fans are asking why they made it so Rei has to run so far instead of shifting Liz and Yujin slightly so she doesn’t have to rush into her next place. For the most part, they’re blaming the choreographers rather than the members themselves.

The choreographer tried but failed

— Blanc ɴ/α (@wonbbinicat) May 1, 2024

I don’t know it’s hybe’s fault

— 𝘠𝘖𝘖𝘙𝘎𝘌¹³² (@gyeorge1999) May 1, 2024

I don’t hate the choreo but this song deserved the most epic choreo on earth

— katie (@mimosatzuyu) May 2, 2024

Gaeul carrying this part on her own. They keep trying to zoom in on her but you can still see the commotion going on around her

— eyekons (@johnnyslumina) May 1, 2024

literally could’ve slide to the side but instead had rei RUNNING

— alpha min/mini | (@inykirby) May 1, 2024

The moment became a topic of conversation on a forum post as well, with similar comments and criticisms from fans.

How do you feel about the “HEYA” choreography?

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