Netizens Are Impressed By NewJeans Danielle’s Ability To Suit Every Brand

Netizens Are Impressed By NewJeans Danielle’s Ability To Suit Every Brand

NewJeansDanielle was recently chosen to be CELINE’s newest ambassador. Her first pictorial with the brand proved to be a roaring success. She pulled off a more mature look, going for arched brows and a nude lip. The contouring makeup brought out her sharp bone structure, highlighting her Australian roots.

| theqoo

Although she is a perfect fit for CELINE, netizens were equally impressed with her looks for other brands. She looked gorgeous with a dolly look for BVLGARI in Allure.

Before signing with CELINE, Danielle was the ambassador for Burberry. Fans got to see her in a more classic look with pink makeup, lined eyes, and bangs.

Danielle truly proved her duality with this photoshoot for DIOR. Her princess-like looks shone with this girly pictorial.

Netizens were thoroughly impressed by her ability to pull off any brand and look.

| theqoo Wow, she’s so good. Wow, what’s up with her aura? She has so much charisma. She has that model-charisma. The more I look at her, the more she’s like a famous painting. Pretty, elegant, and luxurious. Wow, this is legendary. Danielle is seriously so pretty. She was a perfect fit for Burberry. Her in CELINE is pretty too. DIOR and Burberry were so pretty. She’s perfect for Burberry.

Which is your favorite brand on Danielle?


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