Attempt To Criticize RIIZE Shotaro’s Unique Hairstyle Backfires

Attempt To Criticize RIIZE Shotaro’s Unique Hairstyle Backfires

RIIZE‘s Wonbin recently had fans talking after cutting his iconic long hair into a shorter style, but he’s not the only member of the group whose hairstyle has captured fans’ attention.


— wonbin pics (@parkwonbinpics) May 4, 2024

For RIIZE’s first fan-con event, RIIZING DAYShotaro also debuted a unique new hairstyle that not just anyone could pull off!

Shotaro (RIIZE) | SBS

The handsome idol’s hair has been dyed a silvery-grey color, and styled in a messy, choppy way that almost gives him the appearance of horns.

A post was made on an online forum by someone who was criticizing the look and seemingly expecting others to agree with them. However, that wasn’t the case for most fans!

| The Qoo

The reaction from a lot of people was actually positive, with some enjoying such a “unusual” look on a male idol to others saying that Shotaro’s visuals are enough to pull off such a strange style.

And it’s hard to argue that Shotaro doesn’t look good, based on all the photos shared of his new ‘do!

| @RIIZE_official/Twitter

Here’s how fans are reacting in the comments of the forum post criticizing the idol’s hairstyle.

How do you feel about this new look?

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