What Do The Gloves On Kendrick Lamar’s ‘6:16 In LA’ Artwork Mean?

What Do The Gloves On Kendrick Lamar’s ‘6:16 In LA’ Artwork Mean?

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Kendrick Lamar’s latest response to Drake, “6:16 In LA,” has sparked plenty of questions. While some fans wondered about the sample used on the beat and how it connects to Kendrick’s foe, others might be wondering about its mysterious cover art. The Instagram post which bearing the song is currently the only place where you can hear it, but the image attached — a single driving glove bearing the logo of Rick Ross’ Maybach Music Group imprint — has fans wondering about its significance.

Unfortunately, Kendrick isn’t sharing and unlike the meanings behind many of the lines on his last two Drake disses, any potential meaning behind the glove is shrouded in mystery. There is clearly a connection to Rick Ross, who went from being one of Drake’s closest collaborators to joining in the crowd of rappers delighting in what looks like Drake’s downfall.

In the wake of Drake’s original response track to Kendrick, “Push Ups,” Ross contributed his own scathing diss, “Champagne Moments,” accusing Drake of getting a nose job and calling him “white boy.” Earlier this week, after Kendrick dropped “Euphoria,” Ross issued a warning to Drake, advising him to call it quits. “He may not even heard this yet but look, white boy,” he said. “I know we not friends, but let me give you this advice because you ain’t got nobody around you. You ain’t got no real n****s around you. Let me put it like that: ain’t no real n****s. Stop. Don’t respond. Don’t respond. You ain’t even peep when the intro came on with that Teddy Pendergrass, that was that Black vibe. Don’t do it. Don’t go write an 8-minute verse.”

We’ll see if Drake takes his advice or digs a deeper hole soon enough.

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