Swedish Post-Punkers Isolated Youth Preview Video Clip for Spectral New Single “Ghost Town”

Swedish Post-Punkers Isolated Youth Preview Video Clip for Spectral New Single “Ghost Town”

In isolation, we’re like moths
We try to find our way out

Isolated Youth’s Ghost Town is the latest sneak peek at the Swedish post-punk band’s full length debut album miserere mei. Born from the after-dark, almost eerie quiet of Stockholm’s empty streets, this track packs a punch with William Mardberg’s Rowland Howard-inspired guitar riffs, a Stephen Morris-like beat from Andreas Geidemark, and a post-punk bass groove courtesy of Elmer Hallsby.

The song captures that chill of meeting someone new in the dead of night and finding a moment of warmth in their company. Axel Mardberg lays down hauntingly crisp vocal hooks that sail over the mix, bringing a bit of cold beauty that feels like a ghostly encounter. It’s a stylish blend of everything from Joy Division’s brooding to Nina Simone’s soulful punch.

Ghost Town paints a moody, gothic picture of wandering souls draped in the dark hues of a dreary December. With fallen angels for company and days dissolving into red, the imagery is as thick as the fog on a haunted night. The tune is a sombre serenade to those lost, wrapped tightly in the wings of melancholy as they search for an escape.

The track was meticulously crafted in an underground rehearsal space adjacent to a forest cemetery in Stockholm,” the band recalls. “This eerie and haunting setting, characterised by a perpetual cold wind and unsettling fake bird chirps designed to guide blind people, might not have been traditionally inspiring, but it undeniably influenced our music in profound ways. The environment became an integral part of their creative process, imbuing our work with an indescribable essence.”

Watch the video for “Ghost Town” below:

Known for cranking up the atmosphere at their shows, these guys can turn any space—from snug clubs to sprawling festival fields—into a buzzing hive of ghostly vibes. Isolated Youth is not shy about mixing it up, blending fierce innovation with intense energy, haunting melodies, and ferocious hooks. Their music skips across genres with the grace of a ballet dancer in a mosh pit.

miserere mei, set for release on June 7, 2024, was co-produced by The Horrors’ Faris Badwan and Max Heyes (Primal Scream, Rolling Stones).

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miserere mei by Isolated Youth

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