LA Dark Post-Punkers Head Cut are Pursued by Unseen Forces in the Video for Their Tempestuous New Single “Red Cloud”

LA Dark Post-Punkers Head Cut are Pursued by Unseen Forces in the Video for Their Tempestuous New Single “Red Cloud”

what you don’t know

what you can’t see

red cloud is calling stalking watching

hypnotizing me

Los Angeles outfit Head Cut channels the uncanny spirit of an ’80s punk séance with their latest track, Red Cloud, summoning the ghostly vibes of the Batcave. Imagine Death Cult, Siouxsie & The Banshees, and Christian Death all caught in a blender—Head Cut’s the bartender, serving up a concoction that’s part nostalgia, part revolution.

Head Cut’s new album, Corazón Negro (Black Heart), doesn’t just rock the boat—it capsizes it. Amplifying the raw energy and fiery spirit of their debut, the band delivers a high-octane journey through a labyrinth of personal demons and societal chaos. At the forefront are anxiety and depression, set against a backdrop of tunes that champion Mother Earth and challenge social injustices. This album is a gathering where introspection meets rebellion, blending fantasy and reality into a vibrant soundtrack.

In the haunting lyrics for their latest single Red Cloud, a solitary figure treks a dark road, engulfed by the unknown. As ghostly presences watch and breathe from unseen places, a sinister ‘red cloud’ exerts an eerie influence, leading the protagonist to a shadowed meadow under a dim moonlight. This chilling vignette explores fear and the unseen.

“The band’s shared love of the experience of making our first record, the buzz that these individual songs created for each band member, as well as the ease with which we birthed new material were definitely a driving force influencing this new work,” says vocalist Sasha Green.

The performance video, directed by Mike Ruocco, showcases the band at their fiery best. Watch below:

Head Cut reunited with longtime friend and artist Dale Dreiling for their album sleeve design and layout, which features original artwork by Indonesian artist Ezra Syahdian.

“Balas y Lagrimas” (“Bullets and Tears”) is a lyrical theme that is threaded through Corazón Negro and accompanies the frantic bass lines heard throughout the album,” the band says. “Corazón Negro has various themes but the message is singular: the world is on fire, we humans are the cause; we must love, learn, change, and come together. We must fight for good.”

Head Cut must have downed a serious brew of caffeine before storming Captain’s Quarters Studio in Ventura, because they laid down all nine tracks of Corazón Negro in a single whirlwind day. Come May 10, you can get your paws on this beast in every format your heart (or your nostalgic soul) might desire.

Vinyl aficionados can snag one of 250 copies pressed on eye-catching translucent red vinyl—a nod, perhaps, to the album’s fiery title. There are also 100 cassettes winding their way from the folks at Naked Time Tapes. Not to leave out the digital and CD crowd, Bat Cave Productions has the compact disc scene covered, and there’s a digital exclusive rolling out on Head Cut Records. Whether you spin it, click it, or flip it, Corazón Negro promises to be a blast.

Pre-order the album: Vinyl and Tapes | CD

Corazón Negro by Head Cut

Formed in sunny Southern California by a band of longtime pals, this group’s lineup reads like a who’s who of the underground scene: Oscar Estrada (Catholic Spit) adds a dash of death punk, Sasha Green brings hardcore vibes from The Missing 23rd, Seth Pettersen tosses in some deathrock from Detoxi, and John Crerar throws in a bit of everything from Massenger, Sweet Reaper, and The Fucking Wrath. The result is a smorgasbord of sounds that feels both familiar and fresh, like finding a forgotten jacket in your closet that somehow still fits perfectly—and looks killer.

Head Cut Photo by Marcos Manrique Art Directed by Occulture Media

Upcoming Shows

Head Cut’s bilingual tunes—ranging from the ethereally dreamy to the kind of dancey that could resurrect an ’80s discotheque—are like a musical espresso shot: potent and bound to wake you up. With their genre-blending prowess, they’ve cozied up on stages alongside a kaleidoscopic array of acts, from the surf-soaked harmonies of La Luz to the gritty UK punk of Subhumans and the quintessential L.A. punk titans X. Just a year after their first gig at The Smell in Los Angeles, they sold out their debut album release show.


May 24, 2024: Ventura, CA @ Vaquero Y Mar with Peace Talks, Pink Mist, Goner, No Class
August 16, 2024: Long Beach, CA @ Supply and Demand with Lizard Skin, The Exile

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