HYBE Labels K-Pop Group Caught “Promoting” An SM Entertainment Artist

HYBE Labels K-Pop Group Caught “Promoting” An SM Entertainment Artist

Not too long ago, digital photo card exchange platform Momentica, which is a joint venture created by HYBE Labels and Dunamo, had to post an apology for “stealing the portrait of another agency’s artists without prior consent.” The artist in question was RIIZE, and it only added onto the ongoing turmoil that HYBE is dealing with regarding their artists and other scandals they’re involved in.

RIIZE | SM Entertainment

Only days after that happened, the official Twitter account of HYBE artist KATSEYE was caught reposting something from RIIZE’s account, making the timing quite awkward and entertaining to netizens.


The repost was taken down soon afterwards, but it was too late — screenshots had already been taken of the repost, which was for RIIZE’s official fanlight.

While it was undoubtedly a mistake, netizens have made theories as to how it could have happened in the first place. They range from the poster thinking they were on their own RIIZE fan account, to them secretly being a RIIZE stan or even that HYBE is “stalking” SM Entertainment artists.

| SM Entertainment

Whatever the case, reactions from netizens are overwhelmingly amused at the unfortunate but funny situation.

We’re sure that HYBE staff is going to be checking twice before they repost anything again!

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