Coco Jones Struggles To Break A Toxic Love Cycle On Her New Single ‘Here We Go (Uh Oh)’

Coco Jones is gearing up for an exciting new era. Last year, she gained a major breakthrough with her hit single, “ICU” from her mixtape, What I Didn’t Tell You. Now, her full-length debut album is on the way. Tonight (May 3), Jones has released her new single, “Here We Go (Uh Oh).”

On her new single, Jones can’t help but fall in love with the same person over and over again. Unfortunately, she knows this love isn’t good for her, and while she tries to move on with someone else, this proves to be easier said than done.

“I know when we said, ‘Goodbye,’ you ain’t mean no goodbye / Hеre we go, uh-oh / I know when you gеt to likin’ my pictures it’s time / Here we go, uh-oh / Over and over, and over we go / Older and older, and older, but so / Soon as I finally meet someone else that I like / Here we go, uh-oh,” sings Jones on the song’s chorus.

The song features a sample of Lenny Williams’ “Cause I Love You,” with Jones breathing into it new life, giving her own personal touch to a painfully relatable cycle.

“It’s the impossible mission to move on from this chapter,” said Jones of the song in a statement, “from this person, from this cycle.”

You can listen to “Here We Go (Uh Oh)” above.

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