Jimmy Fallon And Benny Blanco’s New Video Receives Intense Backlash From ARMYs

Jimmy Fallon And Benny Blanco’s New Video Receives Intense Backlash From ARMYs

A recently posted video on Jimmy Fallon’s talk show The Tonight Show’s social media accounts has received pushback from BTS fans.


The video, which features Jimmy Fallon and Benny Blanco, the producer of BTS’s “Bad Decisions,” shows the two eating a purple cake with the BTS logo on it. The caption also mentions the official handle of the group.

Open Wide, @itsbennyblanco & Jimmy @bts_bighit #FallonTonight pic.twitter.com/1ORvdE2xRQ

— The Tonight Show (@FallonTonight) May 1, 2024

Since its upload, the video has garnered over 975,000 views and thousands of comments, many of which were ARMYs expressing their disapproval. Their main point of contention was that the video seemed to be milking BTS’s name for engagement without practically having anything to do with them. Many also brought up the mistreatment singer Umi received for addressing ARMYs in a tweet promoting her tour after working with V and felt that it was hypocritical that Benny and Jimmy seemingly got a “free pass” while she was “harrassed.”

so this is ok but yall will harrass u/mi lmao. sure https://t.co/i0dU4BeZTt

— anee⁷ (@kkeyuphoria) May 1, 2024

so can army get on him for using the tannies for clout or is that reserved for poc artists…? https://t.co/TtB8udigMv pic.twitter.com/6bgipwtSTl

— jimins gf (real)⁷ (@YOONGISTNGTECH) May 1, 2024

so you didn’t pressure them into deleting the tweet like you did with UMI?

i thought someone daring to share her music with us was a cloud chaser, so what about these two bheyem? https://t.co/LxSMdKmCaH pic.twitter.com/tD3GAhYTAD

— louz⁷⁼¹³ᴰ(ꪜ) (@nagwon42195) May 1, 2024

White ppl make one Collab with bts and then proceed to make it their whole personality to bate army’s cuz they know how you “13 year olds” will fall for it. Like grow up see the difference between this guy and umi that y’all foolishly attacked for chasing clout…. https://t.co/yHC9EoXy0N

— Serena⁷.。*♡⟬⟭ (@SerenatoninBTS) May 1, 2024

We need to erase all their affiliations with BTS please
They keep riding on them for clout https://t.co/bN59ON6rEp

— RʙʏᴇW ꜱʜᴀᴅᴇ ʙᴏᴛ FREE PALESTINE (@DaechWHEEta417) May 1, 2024

More disapproval came in layers, with many finding these two celebrities’ imposed association with BTS troubling because of their controversies. Jimmy Fallon, as many netizens have pointed out, is a staunch supporter of Zionism, an ideology that is receiving global criticism amidst Israel’s onslaught on civilian lives in Palestine, especially in the Gaza Strip. Pro-Palestinian and Palestinian ARMYs have mobilized in multiple ways in the past few months, asking HYBE to divest from Zionism. Some also brought up an incident of an ARMY being racially profiled for their hijab at Fallon’s show when Jungkook was promoting his solo album.

“omg taika’s gonna be on jimmy fallon ofmd promo” he’s literally a zionist please stand the fuck up i beg

— courtney’s back in her twd era⁷ (@MRST3ACH) November 13, 2023

yall…. jimmy fallon literally supports israel please stop @ that man with atz pic.twitter.com/gPOVX4qZ2j

— duckyGOLDEN HOUR (@wsnluvbot) March 5, 2024

it’s not just the iof either !!

i remember back in november when he had zionist propaganda commercial playing and his security was racial profiling a hijabi army at his show too https://t.co/hReVJrdMHc pic.twitter.com/INS0BMX7kn

— Kat(na)⁷BelongsToBTS (@DoesSugaBreathe) March 5, 2024

Sooo just got racially profiled by security at Jimmy Fallon because of my hijab… first time going and not even getting to see JK so that’s great … never going to Jimmy Fallon again… going to file a complaint about the security guy

— ᴮᴱSalitah Q⁷⟬⟭☻T⁷⟭⟬ (@Sq517) November 6, 2023

For Benny Blanco, however, the objection is two-fold. His support of Zionism aside, Blanco recently faced scathing criticism for allegedly posting pedophilic content of his own child on social media. In 2022, he posted multiple questionable videos of his toddler, including a completely nude video of him.

Benny Blanco is receiving backlash for posting inappropriate kid’s n*des, talking about and touching their private parts on TikTok.
byu/tabxssum inFauxmoi

In light of this situation, many ARMYs have voiced their discontent as they felt them mentioning BTS in the video was disingenuous.

Aren’t you all going to Make them delete the twt like you all did with UMI ?? Isn’t this a Clear Clout??? Him using bts name to promote his Zionists pedophile Azz when they are not related in any way to his album ??? https://t.co/KiXPcsIYrK

— Hobi’s Flamingo ~ (IA) (@hoseoshope) May 1, 2024

Ya’ll really need to stop hyping up everyone bts interact with. Reminder that this is a ZI0NIST and a P3DO https://t.co/n7Wdv5ySXb

— MaiMai⁷ (semi ia) (@Yoonstarboy) May 1, 2024

A zionist pedo and a zionist being gross and milking the boys for clout but you wont see #them condemning either of these two no that’s reserved solely for poc artists https://t.co/ahOWVBihmR

— nisee is a Na⁷✿ ARTISTS FOR PALESTINE (@smol_bbybean) May 1, 2024

so armys jumped umi and called them a clout chaser for simply sharing her music but these two zi0s get a free pass to use tannies name for engagement on this shit? wonder why! https://t.co/ZLkZ9CihBr

— kyu⁷ (@jnggkuk) May 1, 2024

2 Zionists in one frame together and Army are in the likes and qrts and not one of them are telling them to stop using BTS for clout yet a pro artist was getting hate twts after hate for simply telling people who showed interest in her non BTS related music about her new album https://t.co/abFApwo4kE

— (ꪜ)Indigo⁷ (@Lotusflower0613) May 1, 2024

these two men only pretend to like bts because they think its funny btw

like the joke is that they like bts but they are grown men, not the typical 15 year old fangirl https://t.co/J5e2uLFLTw

— dairy product⁷ (@lesbotaejin) May 1, 2024

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