ILLIT And LE SSERAFIM’s Videos With Zico Flooded With Hate Comments

ILLIT And LE SSERAFIM’s Videos With Zico Flooded With Hate Comments

Netizens are shocked after LE SSERAFIM and ILLIT‘s TikTok videos with Zico are subjected to toxic comments in the midst of ADOR Min Hee Jin‘s feud with HYBE.

The members of LE SSERAFIM | @le_sserafim/Twitter The members of ILLIT | @ILLIT_official/Twitter

Zico recently released his song “SPOT!” which is a collaboration with BLACKPINK‘s Jennie.

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After the song’s release, ILLIT were one of the first groups to take part in the dance challenge with Zico.

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In the comments, like many of the other TikToks the group has shared and Instagram posts, it was full of people saying they were NewJeans, referring to the initial comments by Min Hee Jin saying ILLIT copied her group.


LE SSERAFIM recently joined Zico for the “SPOT!”

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When the video was posted, LE SSERAFIM also received awful comments, referring to them in very negative ways and while some received more engagement than others, they seemingly filled up the comments section and overpowered all the positivity.

When netizens saw the stream of negative comments, they hit back at everything that had happened with the two groups, sharing that it wasn’t just on those TikTok videos but social media in general.

In particular, fans pointed out that in the midst of the drama between ADOR’s Min Hee Jin and HYBE, it seems like the two girl groups are being impacted the most as they were mentioned by the CEO during the initial reports.

Everyone is worried about nj in the midst of this conflict, but they forget that not only nj are involved here. Bts, illit and lesserafim are the directly affected victims. Public opinion is worsening, medias are picking on them, rude and harsh comments are pouring in

— Hyewonizuhayo ~ (@gwangsoonnie) May 2, 2024

Okay the lesserafim and illit hate on tiktok is getting too ridiculous…. You can find 5000 HATE comments with thousands of likes and replies agreeing, and I’m talking about real hate not just vocal criticism. I hope their companies do something about it asap

— wassy myungjae’s (@aristocatz06) May 1, 2024

so many tweets about bts lesserafim illit their comments on youtube/insta being flooded with hate and harassment it’s like everyone forgot about the main culprits and are now blaming these groups? mhj u will pay for this

— ‎ava (@barbiejmins) April 28, 2024

the comment section on zico’s collab with le sserafim and illit is horrible and people have the audacity to say min heejin is the victim when she enabled the hate for these groups

— bam’s mom⁷ (@namkookpecks) May 2, 2024

please spam the latest tiktok update of zico with illit with positive comments because some ppl in the comments are being disrespectful towards illit. some of them lack respect and it shows

— nic (@jihynism) April 29, 2024

Other challenges were posted by Zico with different idols, including Jennie, SEVENTEEN‘s Woozi, and KISS OF LIFE, but none seemed to have the same level of hate comments as the HYBE artists.

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