Choo Jackson Releases New Album, “Broken Hearts Make Money 2”

Choo Jackson Releases New Album, “Broken Hearts Make Money 2”

Overcoming the hardships of his past to better his life, Choo Jackson is aiming to inspire others with his upcoming project, “Broken Hearts Make Money 2.”

Born in Vero Beach, FL, artist Choo Jackson aka Choo would find his way to Chambersburg PA where he is now helping to take care of his family through his success as a hip-hop sensation. Growing up, Choo Jackson didn’t have an easy life, but as he grew he made a pact with himself to focus on healing his scars to become better than what he endured. Music played a pivotal role in stimulating this change. Influenced by artists like Lil Wayne, Pharrell, Kanye, Kid Cudi, and his biggest inspiration, Mac Miller who gave him the opportunity to rap together and share his stage, Choo Jackson wants to be a role model for others just as they were for him. He has since found his voice in music, creating relatable songs about life and its experiences. His intent is to make art for people going through the same emotions and situations that plagued his life in order to fuel their desire to better themselves.

On March 31st, 2023, that vision took on an even bigger mission with the release of the sequel to his 2015 album, “Broken Hearts Make Money 2.” The first installment went on to reach acclaimed success, gaining 1.3 million streams in just one month, so fans have high hopes for what’s to come. “Broken Hearts Make Money 2” is a tale of sacrifice that is synonymous with human survival. Choo Jackson lets his vulnerability shine throughout the project, baring his soul, his pain, and his losses that led to becoming a successful artist and writer.Choo Jackson’s new body of work is going to be a therapeutic masterpiece that gives ease to those enduring hard days. While awaiting the project’s release, tap into his timeless catalog.

“House in the Forrest” Music Video:

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